Business Permit South Africa

What is The business permit South Africa

Permanent residency is granted immediately to the holder of a business permit in South Africa (also known as a business visa).

In order to obtain a business visa, one would need to either invest the prescribed amount of R5 million into an existing business or provide plans to establish a new business along with evidence of the capital contribution of R5 million. The Department of Home Affairs may reduce or waiver the capital contribution amount, should the business be of national interest or upon being requested to do so by the Department of Trade and Industry.

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What evidence should I provide?

You would need to provide a chartered accountant’s certificate confirming the R5 million cash or capital contribution is available to be to be invested into the book value of the business. If you are establishing a new business, a comprehensive business plan is also required. Please note that funds comprising the R5 million investment must originate from abroad.

Temporary Residency Option

Apply for a business visa if you’re looking to do business in South Africa on a temporary basis

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