Letter of Good Cause Application

Legalising yourself from within South Africa

In the past, prior to the amendments to the Immigration Act, it was possible for an illegal foreigner to “legalise” or “regularise” him/herself from within South Africa by making payment of the requisite fine. This is no longer the case and we are constantly encountering foreigners who find themselves illegally in South Africa with little […]

south african undesirable

Can a South African be declared undesirable?

Section 30 of the South African Immigration Act stipulates that a “foreigner” may be declared undesirable and refused admission into South Africa for numerous reasons, the most common of which is the overstaying of one’s visa. The draconian implementation of this section has, however, given rise to certain anomalies. One such anomaly is the declaring of […]

Retention of South African Citizenship

Overstay Visa South Africa – Must I leave?

Can I apply for a new visa or permit from within South Africa? A question often posed by our clients is “Can I apply for a new visa or permit from within South Africa?”. For the most part, the answer to this question is “Yes” – although this is rarely possible if the foreigner in question […]

Visa Overstay South Africa

Visa Overstay South Africa – How will you pay?

A year has passed since the amended Immigration Act and regulations came into effect and we are still seeing people overstaying their South African visas on a regular basis. One of the more common reasons for a visa overstay in South Africa is that many foreigners still hold the erroneous belief that they will be able pay […]