Work Permit South Africa

What is a South African work permit?

A South African permit allows the holder to reside permanently in South Africa. A South African work permit is one such issuance based on working for a stipulated duration within the Republic.

Apply for a Work Permit

How would I qualify for a work permit South Africa?

You must be the holder of 5 years’ worth of consecutively issued temporary general, quota or exceptional skills work visas. The holders of intra-company transfer visas can unfortunately not qualify for permanent residency on this basis.

What evidence should I provide?

You would need to provide your passport as an indication of all your previous and current work visas. If you are permanently employed or have an offer of permanent employment, your employer must provide a signed employment contract, salary benchmarking from the Department of Labour and a certification from a chartered accountant.

Temporary Residency Option

Apply for a work visa if you’re looking to live and work in South Africa on a temporary basis

South African Permit Options