Americans Banned From Entering South Africa

American citizens banned from entering South Africa

Travelling to South Africa comes with many considerations with some foreigners finding themselves on the wrong end of the law which can result in them being banned or declared undesirable.

Irrespective of the terminology used in declaring an individual to be a prohibited person, the end result is still an indefinite ban from entering South Africa – whereas a declaration of undesirability results in a ban of between 1 – 5 years.

If you are banned from entering South Africa and would like to contest this ruling of your immigration status, then speak to us at a division of Le Roux Attorneys and let our team of South African immigration lawyers assist you in your case.

Apply to overturn a ban

Why you can be banned from entering South Africa

There are many reasons why an American foreigner could be banned from South Africa with the most common of these grounds being that:

  • The individual was found in possession of a fraudulent visa, permit, passport or identity document
  • The individual had previously been deported from South Africa.

However it is not uncommon for individuals to be banned from entering South Africa through no fault of their own, and often these individuals are not made aware of their prohibited status until they attempt to re-enter the country or upon application for a new visa.

This can cause serious distress as an unexpected rejection of entry can leave your travel plans halted. Being banned from South Africa is by no means a permanent declaration can in many circumstances can be overturned upon review and appeal.

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