10 jobs in demand in South Africa

10 unique jobs you didn’t know were in demand in South Africa right now

South Africa’s critical skills list is a comprehensive outline of professions that have been deemed to be in demand by the country. While many of the jobs you’ll likely be familiar with, here are ten listed occupations that might come as a surprise to you



1. Sheep Shearer

South African critical skills visa - Sheep shearer

As the name suggests, Sheep Shearers are charged with the duty of denuding our fluffy friends of their gorgeous wool. We suspect the inclusion of this profession may be a ploy by the Department of Home Affairs to try rid New Zealand of all their sportsmen (or perhaps we’re just sore losers).

2. Protein Scientist

Protein Scientists explore the role of protein in molecular and cell biology genetics, as well as evolution. Gym-bunnies don’t count.

3. Space Weather Specialist

Space Weather Specialists are responsible for identifying and forecasting major space weather events, especially those that can disrupt infrastructure and power grids back here on earth.

4. Bioinformatician

If you can pronounce Bioinformatician, then half the battle of understanding this position has already been won. The Bioinformatician endeavors to understand, process and study biological data by way of  mathematics, science and technology.

5. Metrologist

David Beckham - Metrologist

Metrology refers to the science of measurement, and is not to be confused with Meteorology. The field encompasses  all theoretical and practical components of measurement.

6. Black Hole Researcher

As South African citizens, we may hope that the demand for Black Hole researchers might be the country’s way of getting to the bottom of missing Government funds, but it’s more likely to do with understanding deep space phenomena.

7. Metallurgical Scientist

The field of Metallurgy explores the behaviour and composition of metallic elements and compounds. South Africa’s demand for Metallurgical Scientists is likely to do with the Rugby World Cup later this year, where the trophy’s authenticity will need to be confirmed upon winning.

8. Geomatics Technician

The role of a Geomatics Technician involves gathering and processing geospatial data, often for military purposes. So if you were unsure as to what a Geomatics Technician was before, you should still be pretty confused after that explanation.

9. Soil Scientist

soil scientist

Some people might tell you that being a Soil Scientist is monotonous and  boring. The truth is that they’re just jealous. Or they’re right. We can’t confirm either way as we’ve never been one. Regardless, Soil Scientists are responsible for evaluating and interpreting soil related data, often for the purposes of agricultural production.

10. Palaeosciences Researcher

Paleoscience researcher

Nowadays the word “paleo” is almost always associated with the word “diet”. However, Palaeosciences refers to an amalgamation of academic disciplines that strive to tell the story of life on earth.

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  1. I matriculated the year 2016 and took gap year to evaluate a suitable career that is currently and will be in demand for many more years to follow.so i am more persistent to further my tertiary institution for my benefit in the future,so i need proper advice

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  4. I completed my matric in 2016 and I’m stuck I don’t know which faculty to look at I have doubts in everything I think of I’m afraid I could end up not employed if I choose of the careers… Please help me out and sitting at home the whole week not to mention a month it is really killing me please

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