10 Institutions Where Foreigners Can Study English In SA

Studying abroad may be one of the most beneficial experiences for a student who wants to learn or improve their English. English is a universally accepted language and can open up a range of career opportunities, however, many English speaking nations are notoriously expensive especially for 3rd world foreigners looking to study. This is why South Africa is seen as an affordable alternative as opposed to the likes of the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the USA.

Many South African institutions have seen this trend increase and are beginning to cater to the influx of foreigners looking to hone their English language skills. These institutions not only help teach you English but introduce you to many western customs that go hand in hand with English. Allowing foreigners to adapt to any new environment, especially for those finding the tradition difficult or intimidating.

Moving to South Africa to study English

By studying abroad, students have the opportunity to study in a foreign nation and take in the allure and culture of a new land. This aids in learning a new language as you’re forced to constantly engage in the native language outside of the classroom and thus improve the usage and uptake of the language. 

If you’re looking to study English in South Africa and don’t know where to begin, here is a list of the top 10 English learning schools/institutions in SA that are sure to make learning a new language that much easier.

Learn English In South Africa

Where to enrol as a foreigner to learEnglishsh in South Africa

  1. Language Teaching Centre

Is an international language school in Cape Town, who offer English and internationally recognised, foreign language training and certification within a nurturing, positive educational setting. As well as highly qualified teachers with extensive experience in teaching students of many different nationalities, backgrounds and languages.

 Visit their official website here

  1. Good Hope Studies

Good Hope Studies is an international accredited English school by EQUALS and IALC, with two centres in Cape Town. Classes are small and duration of 50 minutes. Lastly, Teachers all have CELTA or Delta qualifications.

Visit their official website here

  1. LAL Language Centres

LAL stands for ‘Language and Leisure’, which emphasises their belief that students should get out of the classroom and enjoy themselves while practising their new language skills.They have over 30 years’ experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Their teachers are skilled at tailoring their lessons to make them engaging and dynamic while meeting the needs of each student.

Visit their official website here

  1. UCT English Teaching Centre

They offer a range of English language courses. Course range from conversational English to business English and preparation courses for IELTS (International English Language Test System).TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language, FCE (First Certificate in English) or CAE (Certificate in Advanced English exams).

Visit their official website here

  1. Oxford English Academy

This academy focuses on helping students take the IELTS test. They provide mock tests and feedback regarding the students speaking and writing from a certified examiner. All of this is done to provide the confidence and work for exam success.

Visit their official website here

  1. Interlink School Of Language

As an independent school, they strive for quantity over quality. This means smaller classrooms, with personal attention from both management staff and our qualified English instructors to develop their student’s English language skills.

Visit their official website here

  1. Durban Language Centre

Their lessons range from beginner to advanced level, students are taught by trained specialist language teachers. This learning centre is also affiliated with Cambridge CELTA. They also offer specialised teacher training courses. These range from introductory courses for candidates with no teaching experience to advanced in-service training for qualified teachers who want to improve and diversify their skills.

Visit their official website here

  1. Bay Language Institute

This centre in Port Elizabeth focuses on everyday English and covering the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as grammar. They also offer Business English which is designed to help improve one’s presentation skills and successfully conduct meetings in English.

Visit their official website here

  1. Eurocentres Language Centre

Their English Language Courses are taught at all levels from Beginner to Advanced.

Students are tested and placed in the corresponding language level that their results produce. Simultaneously, the curriculum has a weekly Social Programme of sightseeing and activities in Cape Town with a teacher.

Visit their official website here

  1. Avenue English

The school is situated in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. They offer English Language and Communication courses, aimed at assisting students to excel in social and business environments.

They have General English courses, English Improvement for second language speakers, IELTS preparation courses and English for Business courses.

Visit their official website here

All centres in the hub of their cities and have social elements to their programme for students to excel in the practical use of their new language.

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  1. Dear all my boss asked me to make a survey where in South Africa we can find English center or institutes where we can send a group of our employees for English program but we need a facilities like staying in place with full time practicing

  2. I’m looking an English Academy ( school) for my Mozambican International brother now leaving in Mpumalanga .

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