5 Top Surfing Spots In South Africa

Surfers are naturally explorative by nature, they’re always looking to try new things, find new places to surf and test their skills under a range of conditions. Surf travelling continues to be a popular reason to travel the world and the East and Australia have benefited greatly from this trend.

However, Africa and particularly South Africa is one of the most underestimated locations when it comes to surfing. There few favourable spots found in the southern end of the continent can offer some of the most excellent conditions for catching your next wave.

If you’re considering South Africa as your next surfing destination, here are 5 of the best surfing spots in the rainbow nation.

  1. Eland’s Bay

This spot is highly endorsed for more experienced surfers. The area offers a rocky, kelp-covered shelf (or small point) that circles a corner and alters into the sand at a small river mouth. The swell detours around the outer area of Eland’s Bay and peaks at the shelf, providing a hollow take-off and cylindrical wall that continues for around 150 metres.

  1. Dungeons (Hout Bay, Cape Town)

Dungeons, which is only accessible by boat lies just around the corner from the Hout Bay harbour, behind the Sentinel and reaches its optimum with 20-foot swells.

This location is perfect for the courageous and very experienced surfer, as it is a deep reef break with several sections curtailing from the main break. It has been categorised as on the world’s famous Big Wave spots.

  1. Wild Coast

The Wild Coast represents the long stretch of shoreline between Cintsa in the south, and the Mtamvuna River in the north, which provides an array of great surfing spots.

One of these spots is Ntlonyane (‘Breezy Point’), a local classic with an exposed point break and reliable surf. However, the best surf across the Wild Coast takes place in winter, when the region is mostly dry and warm.

  1. Jeffrey’s Bay

Jeffrey’s Bay (nicknamed ‘J-Bay’) is ranked 2nd as one of the ‘Best Surfing Destinations in the World’, and offers a fantastic amount of surf, great swells, rides up to 800 metres long, and a lively surfing population.

In truth, the waves are so good here that the area hosts copious surfing events, one of which is the world-famous Billabong Pro – during which local and international surfers compete to earn the title of the World’s #1 Male Surfing Champion.

  1. Durban

Durban boasts adventurous surfer’s regular swells, favourable wind directions, and a wide range of reef, point and beach breaks. With many of the surfing spots being great for beginners while satisfying the more experience suffers within its main breaks.

The most popular surfing spot is Dairy Beach, which also doubles as the main swimming area. The surf can get mammoth and rough, but on calmer days, the area is perfect.

  1. Long Beach (Kommetjie, Cape Town)

Long Beach is for surfers with an intermediate level of surfing skills. It is home to a long, sandy beach that is a favourite amongst surfers. The beach is one of the few breaks in the Mother City that holds up in a southeast wind.

A permanent sandbar lies in the centre of the break, with peaks breaking on either side. The left side is unfailing and breaks into a channel, whilst the right will be unpredictable and at times close out or fade.

Surf’s up

Now that you know where the best spots are to ‘hang ten’ in Africa its time to pack in the wetsuit, grab your board and get ready to ride out all the awesome waves South Africa has to offer.

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