7 Awesome Date Ideas To Try While Visiting South Africa

South Africa is an explosive mixture of primitive exotics and advantageous modernity. Explore the adorable Cape Town promenades to graceful elephants in Kruger National Park, the best sunny beaches on the African coast and the fantastic tropics of Limpopo, chic hotels, to finally enjoying some of the famous wine brands grown in SA – there are many fascinating things to discover with your loved one in South Africa. 

Are you real adventure travellers who love active rest? Then today, we are going to tell you about seven excellent sports for a date in South Africa. 

Date ideas when visiting South Africa

1. Football

Without a doubt, football is the most favourite and popular sport on the African continent. Do you and your loved one both go crazy about football? Then you should go to a football game in South Africa! 

This intriguing sport captivated the inhabitants of Africa back in the 1800s. Football needs minimum resources to create the game contrasting other sports, and thus, this sport has infiltrated every country in South Africa.

 The proliferation of football clubs began in Africa more than 50 years ago, and since then, the number of professional football leagues and clubs has been increasing. Today, in Africa, there are a lot of local, regional, and continental leagues. 

So, you will find something to watch. 

2. Cycling

Even though cycling has always been associated with Western countries, this sport is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. In addition to the fact that this sport provides a lot of health benefits, cycling is also a very comfortable means of transport. Your loved one will surely appreciate such a date in South Africa!

3. Diving

Diving is possible in South Africa all year round. On the Atlantic coast, you and your loved one can admire the numerous species of fish, seals, sea lions, dugongs, and penguins. 

The heat-loving corals in the moderately cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean replace the abundance of bizarre ocean algae. Moreover, at the extreme point of South Africa, there are thrilling cemeteries of sunken ships that attract divers from all over the world.

4. Safari

Africa is still sometimes called a kind of Noah’s Ark since there are 8% of birds and 6% of the world’s mammals. Which European who grew up in a concrete jungle will refuse to visit one of the exotic national parks? 

To go on a safari means to get a unique opportunity to observe a variety of wild animals – elephants, lions, rhinos, crocodiles, zebras, and many others – in their natural habitat. 

You and your loved one will feel like real guests of Africa when viewing the pristine nature.

5. Surfing

South Africa is in high demand among beach lovers and surfers, although most of the travellers come to the country for the sake of its national parks.

Thanks to the snow-white sand, mild climate, and warm ocean, South Africa is famous even among the most demanding tourists. And the rich aquatic fauna and flora and raging sea attract a large number of surfers and divers to the country. 

Moreover, the magnificent South African cuisine and excellent local wines give the fullness of sensations to both you and your loved one. It is the best option for those couples who feel bored in a relationship.

6. Hiking

The best place for hiking in South Africa is the Dragon Mountains. This is a fantastic world of mountains, passes, and natural landscapes. 

The Dragon Mountains are the highest in South Africa, and due to their diversity and contrasts, they are trendy among hiking enthusiasts from around the world. From geomorphology, the entire mountain range is unique. 

The plateau of the Kingdom of Lesotho, sometimes reaching 3,600 meters, sharply passes into the South African lowland. The difference in height is more than evident. In addition to several sharp rock walls, there is also Tugela Falls – the highest waterfall in Africa. 

7. Parachuting

If you are a parachuting enthusiast, you already know everything about adrenaline and gravity, so do not miss the chance for an exciting parachute jump if you are relaxing with a loved one in South Africa. 

After all, this region can surprise you not only with exotic nature or bizarre animals but also with the ancient traditions of parachuting. South Africa boasts numerous long-standing and reputable parachuting clubs. 

They are mainly concentrated in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, and Bloemfontein. Due to the excellent climate of South Africa, cloudless sky, and spectacular landscapes, parachuting is a very popular sport that is practised all over South Africa all year round.

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