Apply For An MBA Degree In South Africa

Studying your MBA is a privilege very few people get to have, and when pursuing this qualification, many students look to try their hand at completing their course aboard. South Africa offers an MBA with several prestigious business schools who are willing to accommodate international students and even an online MBA course has now been established locally.

Applying for an MBA degree in South Africa is not very different from applying to study an MBA anywhere else in the world. But just like the rest of the world, this process is not without its share of stress and admin.

Since this course is one of the most prestigious the requirements will naturally have to be high in to ensure that those who are serious about pursuing this path will be able to get through the challenges knowing that the rewards are worthwhile.

Study your MBA in South Africa

How to complete your MBA in South Africa

Application Process for MBA Degree in South Africa

To apply for an MBA degree in South Africa, you will need to meet the basic minimum requirements set forth by your chosen business school.

  • This includes an appropriate honours/postgraduate degree or equivalent qualification, or a professional bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 480 credits.
  • Applicants also need to be 25 years of age or older, with at least three years of real-life work experience.
  • Up to 10% of the total application percentage

The application process for MBAs includes the following step

  1. Completing the Basic Application Form

You will need to complete an application online, for necessary admission to your chosen business school. 

  1. Writing the Application Essay

In addition to filling out a basic application form, you will also need to write an essay to submit along with your application. This essay is often what seals the deal – admission officers receive many essays and those that stand out will often be chosen over those that do not.

  1. Getting Letters of Recommendation

You will also need to include letters of recommendation in your application. Ideally, these should be from someone you have worked with, who is a mentor, employer or peer that is able to give a positive perspective on your skills and strengths.

Once you have successfully applied, you can also look at applying for a study visa or speaking to an immigration lawyer about assisting you with the process. 

South African business schools that offer MBA

Now that you know what the process requires you can now look at some of the top schools in South Africa that offer MBA courses for international students. 

Gordon Institute of Business Science

According to the UK’s leading financial publication, the Financial Times the school has featured almost every year on the publication’s annual list of leading business schools in the world for customised executive education programmes.

The 2016 rankings place the Gordon Institute of Business Science within the top 50 in the world, making it the best not only in South Africa but on the whole continent.

Wits Business School 

Wits Business School has for several years featured in various international rankings as one of the top business institutions in the world. It has rubbed shoulders with the best of the best in prestigious rankings such as the Times Higher Education Alma Mater Index and the BRICS & Emerging Economies Top 100 Ranking.

USB – University of Stellenbosch Business School 

The University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) in the Western Cape is ranked as one of the top business school in South Africa. The USB was ranked by an international education rating agency Eduniversal, based in Paris.

The ranking is the result of voting by deans of business schools around the world, based on a list of criteria.

Pick RSA for your MBA

South Africa is more than just a holiday destination for tourists looking to enjoy our amazing weather, food and our nature but a place you can also further your academic career. If you’re considering doing your MBA abroad, then South Africa should be on your list of potential destinations. 

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