Studying in South Africa

Best Programs For Foreigners To Study In South Africa

Studying abroad is an opportunity that is much more accessible than it was in the past. There are numerous opportunities to study abroad in a variety of fields and you are no longer limited to the confines of your country in order to seek out the educational experience of your choice.

With this trend beginning to bolster as the global economy gives rise to new opportunities, South Africa has become a popular destination for foreigners looking t further their studies.

South Africa offers students the opportunity to join some of the leading Universities in the world, and studying in SA will give you the chance to immerse yourself in a diversified culture while building on your future career.

Best Programs to Study at South African Universities and Institutions

According to a 2017 report released by Statistics South Africa, 2.1 million adults aged 20 years and older have attained a tertiary qualification at a South African university, with Education coming out as the top field of study in the country.

Studying in South Africa

Are you thinking about studying in South Africa?

Cape Town, Health, Culture and Development:

This course, via IES Abroad, will give you the opportunity to study in a variety of English-taught disciplines. You can choose from Health Science courses, which include studies in how globalization, development, and disease affect different countries. Culture courses to educate yourself in the relevant cultural aspects of SA language, literature, and the performance arts, or choose to learn more about the power of protest, gender and sexuality and the environment in this region.

The studying abroad programme will also help you immerse yourself in your surroundings through educational trips and tours and by placing you in community housing that will allow you to get the full experience.

South African Universities

The QS World University Rankings recently proved just how well SA’s Top Universities are faring on the global scale, ranked among the top 500 courses in the world. UCT is South Africa’s top ranking university with 36 subjects ranked among the top list of global universities and ranked within the top 100 globally for 10 of their subjects.

Wits University offers 23 subjects included in the top 500-course list, Stellenbosch University with 17 subjects and the University of Pretoria with 15. When it comes to the top ranking field of study in South Africa, Developmental Studies is ranked number 10 in the world on the QS list.

Wildlife Conservation Expedition

What better way to become accustomed to your subject matter than immersing yourself in it? With EcoLife Expedition’s programme, students get the chance to interact with ranges, veterinarians and research workers in the field.

The programme is an undergraduate course located in either Johannesburg, Pretoria or Nelspruit. Earn University credits while gaining insight on conservation within South Africa. Students even get the opportunity to take part in an actual game capture operation via the Capture and Care course included in the programme.

Find an educational experience that inspires you

If you want to start or continue your studies in the beautiful country of South Africa, the programme options are endless.

Any student who intends to study in South Africa, at a primary or secondary school (whether public or independent), college, further education and training institution, university, specialist skills school or other “learning institution”, can qualify for a study visa in South Africa.

We’ve created a quick assessment tool to help you determine whether you’ll qualify, as well as the next steps to take in your application process.

Speak to a professional

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