Department of Home Affairs investigated by Carte Blanche

Department of Home Affairs investigated by Carte Blanche

Visa woes in spotlight

Carte Blanche, the popular investigative journalism program, has aired a scathing report of the Department of Home Affairs. It does not make for easy watching.

The report, titled “Visa Vitriol”, explores the appointment and role of Visa Facilitation Service(VFS), the bungling and delays foreigners experience during visa applications and the extraordinary lengths foreign nationals go to remain in the country legally.

Watch the Carte Blanch segment here:Visa Vitriol

The report argues that Home Affairs are making it near impossible for foreigners to obtain the correct paperwork, thereby causing many of them to simply leave the country out of frustration. This, in turn, causes the country to lose out on valuable scarce skills and much needed foreign investment.

Expenses of applications

VFS, the private company that DHA appointed to receive documents on its behalf, also comes under fire. In one segment, an applicant explains how he paid R10 000 to VFS for his family’s applications, only for it to be refused. He was then forced to pay another R4 050 to appeal the refusal.

The VFS website is also fraught with problems which regularly cause delays. Worryingly, there is an allegation that despite the high fees charged by VFS, it loses applicants’ documents from time to time.

Families torn apart

Tessa Graham, an international brand management consultant with a slew of celebrity clients, is another victim of the system. In one segment, she explains how her visa application was rejected, causing her to face an involuntary return to the United Kingdom at a cost of R40 000 in order sort out her visas.

Nicole Heusser, who married a South African, had to travel to Cape Town every two weeks for 4 months in an effort to obtain the right paperwork. When an adjudicator unexpectedly refused her application, she was locked up in a cell with hardened criminals for involuntarily overstaying her visa.

Professional advice

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