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The new immigration regulations concerning travelling with children in and out of South Africa has been a hotly contested topic and the regular changes in regulations have left many travellers frustrated and confused. Since its introduction back in 2015 the unabridged birth certificate has been a grey area for travellers in and out of South Africa.

In a turn of events and a bid to improve visitor rates to South Africa, Home Affairs and the tourism departments are working together to relax visa regulations. Minister Derek Hanekom and Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba announced that they are setting up a dedicated team of officials to fast-track progress in easing visa requirements in South African for visitors.

Part of these relaxed rules has allowed us at Le Roux Attorneys the ability to handle Unabridged Birth Certificates applications on behalf of clients. Should you want to fast track your application speaking to a trusted and reliable immigration lawyer is definitely your best bet.

Unabridged birth certificate

Apply for an unabridged birth certificate with us

We are looking at what it is we can do without compromising country security interests and without failing in our responsibility to combat human trafficking and child trafficking in particular.

— Derek Hanekom, Minister of Tourism

What is an Unabridged Birth Certificate?

An unabridged birth certificate contains the identity document number, first name and surname, date of birth, place of birth, and country of birth of not only the minor to which it belongs but for both parents or legal guardians as well. If the original unabridged birth certificate is not written in English, then a sworn English translation performed by an accredited authority in the minor’s country of origin is to be provided.

For a more detail around Unabridged Birth Certificates, click here

Travelling with a minor

If you want to know more about travelling with a minor to South Arica check out our previous post – Travelling to and from South Africa with a Minor Child

Speak to a professional

We are able to help you with all Visa Applications in South Africa. We also feature a Free Online Assessment to help you determine your current status and which steps to take next. Contact Le Roux Attorneys today to assist you in applying for your unabridged birth certificate.

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  1. Hi, I am currently in need of my mothers unabridged birth certificate urgently. She is now a South African citizen and resident however was born in Zimbabwe. Would you be able to assist with this?

  2. Goodday

    How quickly can you provide an Unabridged Birth Certificate to a person, already more than 10 years in New York, married to a USA woman, with a Green Card. He has South African citizenship.
    How much does it cost and do you send by DHL?

  3. Hello,
    We have submitted a unabridged birth certificate as well as a unabridged marriage certificate.
    We have been waiting around 9 weeks.

    Can you please assist?

  4. Hi can you fasttrack unabridged birth certificates? What is the process? If so, what is the cost per certificate and timeline. Thanks

  5. Good day,
    We applied for my wife’s Unabridged Birth Certificate 8 months ago. We really need it but have not received it yet. Can you help us please?
    Kind Regards

  6. Can you assist to expedite my unabridged birth and marriage certificate.
    Please contact me on [redacted].

    Thank you

  7. My son resident in the USA urgently requires his unabridged Birth Certificate, He only has the abridged one. Can you assist?


  8. what happens if both parents are deceased and an adult requires an unabridged birth certificate for emmigration purposes .

  9. Hey There

    Can you please just inform me on all the prices regarding the Unabridged birth certificate. Im not a Minor and looking at immigrating to Canada.

  10. Goeie middag. My dogter het reeds in Julie 2018 aansoek gedoen vir haar “unabridged” geboorte sertifikaat. Tot op hede het sy nog niks gehoor daarvan nie. Sy benodig dit baie dringend vir werk in Amerika, haar man het syne reeds ontvang. Kan u my asb laat weet wat die kostes sal wees om so spoedig moontlik haar sertifikaat te kry sonder om weer oor aansoek te doen dalk. Ons is moedeloos,…help asb!
    Groete Mev Ferero nms Rachelle Swart

  11. Hi. We were not advised by home affairs while knowing we will applies for passports. Caused us to be turned away by our cruise and miss our holiday. Besides being stranded in Durban.

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