Where To Find Business Districts In South Africa

Setting up a business in a foreign country can be a challenging undertaking and one of the things to get right is finding the ideal area as your base of operation. In many industries, one of the main influencing factors when setting up a business is location, location, location! As a result of the high rate of new businesses failure rates, it’s really the small details that often set you apart.

Something as simple as knowing where to set up shop can either make or break a business. Is it close to foot traffic, is it close to your client base, is it easy to meet with suppliers and save on reduced travel costs over time?  These are all influencing factors that come along with setting up a business.

That is why we have decided to list the most popular business districts in South Africa, in order to give you an idea of where money and business are generated in the country. 

  1. Cape Town City Bowl – Western Cape

Cape Town City Bowl is known as the Hip and Happening Hotspot. With Cape Town CBD being home to many tourist attractions such as Table Mountain, Lions Head and Signal Hill, there will not be a shortage of travellers visiting. Cape Town provides the best of both worlds, with housing arrangements varying from large luxuriant houses in Oranjezicht, to small studio apartments in the City Centre with all the conveniences of city living and nature close by.

  1. Durban Central – KwaZulu Natal

Durban is known as the place where the beach meets business. With its beach being the biggest attraction and locals flocking the promenade to cycle, run, surf, swim, and fish or just catch some sun. With such great qualities for its seafront, it should come as no surprise that business tends to flourishes there.

Additionally, the nightlife is Durban does not disappoint as it has everything you need for a night out, with various bars, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

  1. Fourways – Gauteng

Fourways is the district that provides exclusivity and entertainment. From it nightlife and entertainment, shopping malls, office parks, hotels and lodges, it is no wonder that property in this area is always in high demand.

  1. Pinetown – KwaZulu Natal

Pinetown boasts the ability to have a lifestyle for every culture. Having its own CBD, the area offers convenience for those who own or work in businesses in the area. Although Pinetown provides a slower pace of life than Durban, it is only a 15-minute drive from the bigger city.

  1. Polokwane (Pietersburg) – Limpopo

Polokwane is representative of where city meets wildlife. With its idealist location, it is perfect for Kruger National visits and cultural and historical experiences. As well as being a sublime place for city life and putting one in the position of being within the vicinity of most workplaces.

Polokwane allows one the ability to disappear into nature when one wishes, while easily slotting back into city life when needed to return.

  1. Sandton

Sandton doesn’t just advertise as the being the place where you can work hard and play hard but it is also the place where you can sit back and relax too.

For those who like to work hard, Sandton comprises the richest square mile in Africa. It is known as the business gateway into Africa for many large corporations and attracts thousands of motivated people seeking their fortunes.

For those who like to play hard, Sandton has world-class shopping centres and a bustling social scene. And for those who like to relax, there is a massive amount of green space to take a breather and get some exercise.

Business as usual

Now that you know where South African business strongholds are you can then deep dive and see what opportunities aren’t being serviced in those areas or could benefit from you entering as a competitive offering. Once you’ve accessed the risk, opportunity costs and the potential market share you can then decided which business district would provide the most favourable environment that will encourage a return on your investment.

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