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Good news for International English Language learners

EduSA recently settled a lawsuit, which will allow foreign nationals to gain study visas to study English as a foreign language at their member institutions in South Africa.


As of May 2014, English Language Training (ELT) have struggled with not being formally recognised as learning institutions in South Africa and therefore international students have not been granted study visas to enter the country and attend these schools as they previously were.


EduSA is a South African association of English language schools with 22 language schools currently on board.

Arguing that this industry is globally worth billions of dollars, South Africa is denying huge potential due to these study visa restrictions.

A Court Case

On the 23rd of August 2016, EduSA submitted court papers challenging the South African government and policy makers on their failure to consider visas for international students wishing to enter South Africa to study English as a foreign language.

The court case took place on November 8th and EduSA settled the matter with the Department of Home Affairs and the Department of Higher Education.

Under the terms of the settlement, international students can enrol with the 22 members of EduSA and will be eligible for study permits for up to 18 months.

These study permits will be given through ministerial exemption and as a special dispensation only and exclusively to students of EduSA schools.

Hope for all Language schools

This settlement provides hope to language schools wanting to register as “learning institutions” under the South African immigration legislation.

The Department of Higher Education will assist the EduSA members in registering the appropriate qualifications that match industry standards, in doing this, a process to formalise the EFL industry in South Africa.

Visit the EduSA site for more.

Read more about the court case

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  1. I have had a small language school which has been trying ti become a member of EduSa but with little success. One of the criteria is that the language school must have a minimum number of classrooms which in my opinion is ridiculous. My school has also been in operation longer than some of the EduSA member schools. My question is this:

    Can my school also be granted the same dispensation as the EduSA members so that foreign students wishing to apply for a Study Visa to pursue English language training at my institution? Would your firm be able to assist if necessary?

    I look forward to your response.

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