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Le Roux Attorneys: Permanent Residency Permit Outcome in Record Time

With the help of Le Roux Attorneys Zimbabwean national, Kudzai Mushininga was granted a permanent residency certificate in less than three months.  Read her story below.

As an aspiring actuary, Kudzai elected to study at UCT due to its international recognition, affordability in comparison to equivalent international institutions, and its close proximity to her Zimbabwean family.

Whilst in Zimbabwe she applied for her study permit which did not take long to process and receive at the time.

Upon graduation, she decided to stay in South Africa for the sake of her career. She applied for a general work permit, which took about six months to process.

Struggling to get a more permanent solution

In 2014, she decided to switch to a critical skills permit and apply for permanent residency as well. In her prior attempt to procure the services of an immigration consultant to help with the applications, she was scammed and left without the permanent residency certificate and out of pocket.

She did not renew her general work permit, as she expected to receive both her critical skills permit and her permanent residency certificate by the time it was to expire. At this stage, she was married to and had a child with a South African citizen.

In September 2015, before her permit expired, her permanent residence application was rejected. However, she was granted a one year critical skills visa.

Using the assistance of Le Roux Attorneys

Securing employment within the year, she applied for a new critical skills permit, this time with the help of Le Roux Attorneys. We were able to get her a five year permit, which was issued to Kudzai in less than a month. During this time we helped her apply for a permanent residency, with great success it was issued in less than three months. Kudzai is a currently a proud resident of South Africa.

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  1. Hie my name is khesiwe i really need help i have tryed everything but nothing i had a Dpz permit in 2010 now i went to Zim for 4 to 5 times until the last time they told me to pay a fine for 3000 i m only a maid i went back to pay but they refused now my problem is i still do not have a permit and these people i feel the wronged me pliz help my fon number is 0785524457

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