Student Waiver

DHA Waiver for International Students in South Africa

South Africa’s Minister of Home Affairs, Malusi Gigaba, announced on Thursday that international students whose visas had expired would be exempt from being declared undesirable and consequently banned from the country. The waiver applies exclusively to students whose visas expired at the end of October and November 2015, and would serve to extend the issuance […]

Visas for rehabilitation in South Africa

Visas for Medical Rehabilitation in South Africa

South Africa has become a global mecca for quality medical rehabilitation on account of its high standard of private healthcare and favourable foreign exchange rates. Institutions like Bethesda Rehabilitation Center cater to an 85% international clientele base, and are on par with top treatment centres around the world. With South Africa’s immigration regulations in an […]

new changes to South African immigration regulations

South African Immigration Policy Changes Announced

The presidentially appointed inter-ministerial committee tasked with reviewing South Africa’s onerous immigration regulations has reached an agreement with the Department of Home Affairs. The consensus outlines the following set of changes to come into effect in three months’ time: Changes to Unabridged Birth Certificate Policy South African minor children under the age of 18 travelling out […]

court rules on labour brokers

Court rules on labour brokers

A recent Labour Court ruling has attempted to wade through the murky waters of the relationship between Temporary Employment Services (“TES”) organisations – commonly referred to as “labour brokers”, client employers and employees. The ruling, delivered on 8 September 2015, overturns a decision previously reached by the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (“CCMA”). The […]

Lesotho Special Dispensation

Minister Malusi Gigaba announces Lesotho Special Dispensation

On the 22nd of September 2015, Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba announced measures to improve movement between the Kingdom of Lesotho and the Republic of South Africa. This was after bilateral negotiations between the Ministers of Home affairs of the two countries and their senior officials in Lesotho, during the official visit of Minister Gigaba, of 21-22 September. Minister […]

Rugby World Cup Quiz

The 2015 Rugby World Cup Quiz

World Cups. Nothing has a more profound impact on the general psyche of a nation. South Africa doesn't do simple when it comes to World Cups. It's all or nothing. Mention the 1999 Cricket World Cup to any South African and he's likely to babble on maniacally about Alan Donald. "Just run Allan! Run!". Of [...]
Tips for Traveling Abroad

Tips for Traveling Abroad

It’s day five of your dream holiday abroad. You’ve already gone on numerous sight-seeing excursions, sampled traditional cuisine, made new friends and uploaded tonnes of photos to social media. All in all, everything is running smoothly. But, just as you are about to send a “wish-you-were-here” postcard to that special someone at home, your bag […]

south african undesirable

Can a South African be declared undesirable?

If you have a South African passport and want to know in which cases you could be declared an undesirable person and what to do should you be declared an undesirable person then we suggest you keep reading. In this post, we will debunk myths and give you all the facts on what an undesirable […]

VFS United Kingdom

VFS United Kingdom now processing South African visa applications

Important Changes Regarding Submission of Visa Applications in the United Kingdom. Improving UK travel to South Africa In an effort to improve services to British citizens and other nationals residing in the UK who wish to travel to South Africa, a South African Visa Facilitation Service (VFS Global) has started operating in London, Manchester and […]

Retention of South African Citizenship

Overstay Visa South Africa – Must I leave?

So you’re in South Africa a bit longer than you said you would be, due to some or other reason. Do you have to leave or can you extend your stay from inside the country? We take you through all your options below. Can I apply for a new visa or permit from within South […]