Part-Time Study Endorsement for Business and Work Visas

According to an Immigration Directive, issued by the Department of Home Affairs in 2015, the holders of certain temporary residence visas may register and undertake in part-time studies in South Africa during the validity period of their visas.

As of 01 May 2015, those holding a business visa, or general, critical skills, or intra-company transfer work visa will be able to engage in part-time studies at an Institution of Higher Education in South Africa, without first having to request an endorsement to do so, from the Department of Home Affairs.

This replaces a 2008 Directive, which allowed for an application to be made to the Department of Home Affairs for an ‘endorsement’ to allow for study as a secondary activity on a visa. 

However, the relevant Institution must be registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training and the Directive provides that a register of all such part-time learners must be kept by the relevant Institution for inspection by the Department of Home Affairs.

The Directive further provides that the duration of the specific course or qualification may not exceed the period for which the primary visa is valid.

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