Anti-LGBTI Pastor Prohibited from entering South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs (“DHA”) has released a statement clarifying its position on the proposed visit of American Pastor Steven Anderson to South Africa. Pastor Anderson is well-known for his anti-LGBTI stance and homophobic preaching. The statement follows public outcry at the news that the controversial pastor would be visiting South Africa to spread what most perceive to be teachings amounting to hate speech. It is estimated that DHA received over 60 000 petitions from LGBTI advocacy groups and the South African Human Rights Commission imploring the Department to prohibit Pastor Anderson from entering the country.

Gigaba refers to the act in support of this decision

Speaking at a press conference earlier today, Minister Gigaba confirmed that Pastor Anderson and his entourage would not be granted visas into South Africa and would be prohibited from entering the country indefinitely. In support of this decision, Gigaba referenced section 29(1)(d) of the South African Immigration Act which grants DHA the authority to prohibit certain foreigners from entering South Africa for an indefinite period on the basis of their association to an organisation advocating the practice of racial hatred or social violence.

Pastor and his associates are now prohibited persons

Pastor Anderson and his associates would ordinarily have been granted visas upon entry into the country on the basis of their visa-exempt status as American citizens. Minister Gigaba, however, made it clear that such visa-exempt status had been withdrawn along with the placing of the pastor and his associates on a list of prohibited persons. Pastor Anderson will now need to apply to the Director-General of Home Affairs for a waiver of his prohibited status if he ever wishes to return to South Africa. Further information on such applications can be found here.

To see the full DHA statement, click here.

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