Permanent residency is not that permanent

Most people are unaware of the fact that a South African permanent residence permit (“PRP”) may be withdrawn by the Department of Home Affairs.

South African residence permit can be withdrawin

There are four prevalent reasons for the withdrawal of a permanent residency permit, namely where:

  • A PRP holder is convicted of a serious criminal offence or an offence in terms of the Immigration Act;
  • A PRP holder has failed to comply with the specific terms and conditions of his or her permit;
  • A PRP holder has been absent from South Africa for more than 3 years; and
  • A PRP holder has not taken up residence in South Africa within 1 year of the issuance of such permit.

How long ban can last

The three year period referred to above is required to be continuous, meaning that any entry and sojourn in South Africa will interrupt the period of absence. The Act does, however, make provision for an application to be made by a PRP holder in terms of which he or she seeks to extend the aforementioned period. This application must be made prior to the expiration of the three year period and the applicant is required to show good cause as to why the period should be extended.

Exceptions to the rule

Exceptions to the rule that one will forfeit his or her PRP if absent from South Africa for more than 3 years are made where:

  • The PRP holder was residing abroad in the service of the State;
  • The PRP holder was residing abroad whilst a representative/employee of a person or association of persons resident or established in South Africa;
  • The PRP holder was residing abroad while in the service of an international organization of which the State is a member;


  • In the case of the spouse or dependent child of the abovementioned persons, where the spouse or dependent child was residing with such person; and
  • In the case of the spouse or dependent child of a South African citizen, where the spouse or dependent child was residing with such citizen.

The periods envisioned in the above exceptions will not be taken into account when computing the three year period. Notwithstanding the aforegoing, if you are a PRP holder who intends to be out of South Africa for an extended period, it is advisable to consult with an immigration attorney to ensure your status is protected.


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  1. I applied for a trp 2 years back and don’t know what to do now because the trp is about to expire and The prp outcome is still pending

  2. Hi. I came into SA with my family in 2009 on a general permit and my wife eventually got an exceptional skills permit off of which we all eventually got PRPs (Sept 2013) and IDs (2014 and 2016 respectively for me and her). However, in February 2014 I was recruited by the United Nations in a professional role and sent to a West African country where I have been since then with my family. I come into SA every so often on both official and personal business and my family does as well, at least once every year. September 2018 will clock 5 years with the PRPs and we are considering applying for citizenship but are not sure if we would meet the criteria. What is your view given the above?

  3. Good day, I just realised that my permanent residency was somewhat fraudulently acquired. I wish to denounce it or maybe there is a way I can go about it? Your help will be appreciated.

  4. i am a foreigner and was married to a South African citizen since 2009. we did the married certificate in 2011 and we have 2 children. 2010 and 2012. I applied for my PRP in April 2015 and we divorced in November 2016. I informed the home affairs about what happen, still nothing as been done from the head office. My application seems to be forever pending. Both kids have the unabridged birth certificate and they both carry my surname and we both co parenting as per court order. What can I do from here to move forward because I am blocked.

  5. I just replied (successfully) for a re-issuance of my RSA ID green book- I am an overseas resident hence the book rather than card. I have been a Permanent Resident of RSA since 2000 but wasn’t sure if it had lapsed due to travel etc, so thought I would test the situation by applying for a re-issuance of my ID book. Given that it was re- issued without a hitch can I be 100% certain that my Permanent Residence Status is still in good standing too?

  6. Hi I received an S.A I.D book written non citizen can I take up employment without a work permit?

  7. Hello,

    If a PRP elapsed without soft landing within d stipulated time frame defined on the visa (1year), does one automatically loose the permit or application of proof of permanent residence would restore the status?

    Thank you

  8. Hi there

    I need help with my Appeal with my PR application process .

    As per letter I have only 10 working days to appeal against the decision.

    Please provide me contact number /email id so that I have clarity about documents that need to be submitted

    Thanks in Advance

  9. greetings

    am helping a friend here, he applied for a PRP , before his VISA had expired as it is normal done, but to his surprise he received a rejection based on the expiring of his VISA , which is very wrong, what must he do to correct that?
    to be clear with you, he applied for PRP before his VISA got expired, how does the DHA works, sometimes they just reject applications for no reason.

    if he had applied after the VISA had expired i would understand.

    my friend needs help please.

  10. Hi,

    I applied and received my PR in January this, I made my application at a South African embassy out of South Africa and I have not taken up residence in South Africa, though I do visit South Africa at least once a month. Am I required to physically start staying (take up residence in South Africa)? because of the nature of my work I might not be able to settle in South Africa for another about 2 years. Thank you for your help and guidance.


  11. I am a Zimbabwean using a zep permit. My problem is I just graduated with an llb degree. My problem is can it be possible for me to apply for articles, in South Africa. If it is impossible, the what procedures can i take to acquire a permanent residence permit.

  12. Hie
    Can l please get assistance. I applied for a PRP and according to my tracking online it was received in september 2015 and already we in April 2018 now, so am wondering if it was accepted or not and how can l find out. Should l contact DHA or what cause its been over 2years now.

  13. My name is Limakatso Ellen khaile ,i cant get temporary permit just because my parents are pensiners,my father is an south african and my mother is from lesotho and they are married but very sad that we cannot get help in order to reside in South Africa.I have been going up and down but no help.I wish God can see me because my parents are sick and they need to be taken care of but i cant because my passport expires because of given dates given to me to stay in South Africa.please assist me.i applied for PR On line and i went to bloemfortein but they said they cant help me i must apply for temporary permit first in one of South Africa Embassy in Lesotho,when i got there i was told that i do not qualify for temporary permit because my parents cannot take care of me when residing with them South Africa.So please help in anyways.

  14. My wife has been in SA for what will be 10 years in June 2018. We’ve been married for almost 9 years and have 3 kids all born in SA. She was granted relatives permit in 2010, renewed/updated to a temp residence visa (conditions to reside with spouse and work) and we submitted PR application in 2016. The application for PR was received in April 2016 and we have heard nothing since. 2 years waiting for PR to be approved and granted. What do you suggest?

  15. Hey my father is a South African and I’ve been living with him for 4 years and still have a temporary residence visa valid till next year, this year is the beginning of my 5th year…I want to apply for permanent residency as relative (My SA Father) do I qualify?

  16. Hi,
    My spouse holds a general work permit and I have a dependent visa.
    We both have applied for PR last year. My spouse received her PR but I haven’t .
    Based on her PR can I start to work.

    Thank You,

  17. me and my husband we have been married for 8 and my husband has apply for PRP and we have one child now is almost three years and we haven’t receive nothing can you please assist us.

  18. Hello, I have applied for prp 2 1/2 years ago and still no feedback.
    Can you kindly advise what can I do?

  19. Hi. Kindly advise. I am a foreigner with a permanent residence of South Africa and a green ID book (for permanence residency). I just got married in my home country with a foreign man residing in South africa and with the same condition as mine. Now i would like to have his surname on my south african ID. What procedure should i follow for that?

  20. Hello,

    I am wanting clarification…..

    A friend has received her documentation granting her PR. She applied for it through Spousal Residency, she is married to a South African.

    Is it true that if they divorce within 18 months of her receiving her residency that it could be revoked?
    Will she need to re apply all over again?

    Thank you.

  21. Hi. Pls how long does it take for a PRP to be issue from when apply? Is there anything one can do if no update on the website about the application?

  22. I am a British citizen with SA perm residence, granted in 1967. I reside in the UK having left SA several years ago but have visited a few times. I always seem to have questions asked on my exit after a holiday and have realised that my perm residence stamp in my (old) passport (I take it with me only for the purpose of proving perm res) is no longer recognised and I should rather take the grubby piece of paper the original confirmation of perm res came on. I do have this document but it is in my maiden name whereas my passport is in my married name. How would they know at customs that I am one and the same person? Can their computer systems confirm my residency status?

  23. Hi there.
    I am a PRP holder, currently living in Europe with my SA husband and our kids. Married for almost 8 years, I obtained my PRP even earlier, in 2002. Since my husband lives outside South Africa with me, does the 3 year absence rule still apply? Will I have to enter SA within 3 years of my departure in order to keep my PRP status?

  24. I have worked in the department of education for 7 years from 2008 to 2016 using general work Permit. On 31 December, I was terminated by kzn provincial education as they were no longer wanted to employ people without SA ID. In 2017 I got permanent residence and South African ID. I got employment at a state school and worked 3 month but they are refusing to pay me saying my ID is written non citizen. May you assist me if this act is legal acording to South African Law and refer me to a Labour lawyer for assistance.

  25. Hi
    I recieved my ID only this year and I have a son who was born in 1992 and recieved a birth certificate back then. How do I apply for my son’s ID with that birth certificate. At the time of his birth my wife and I were on trp

  26. Hi,

    In the event that the labour certificate is not issued on time before expiry of the visa, what options are there, as the waiver has been in process for over four months now.

    Thank you

  27. Married for three years with a S.A. citizen , am on a temporary residence with work endorsement on Vistor’s section for three years .
    We lived together for about two years before marriage and before I married her .
    Can I apply for a permanent residence before 5 years of marriage ? If yes what are the the requirements and cost ?


  29. I had applied permanent residence for my wife,son and my daughter in 2015 July, and my son afyer my wife got PR , but for my daughter no progress, I am trying to call customer care but no progress.
    Vfs telling me they are waiting for adjudication from dha.
    Can you please assist us.


  30. Hi I received my Id book last month and I’m staying in sa for almost 9 years can you please tell me what to do next to get citizenship

  31. Hello.I got My permanent resident permit in 2006,but I have been out of the country for the past 10 do I get back into the country?

  32. Hi there. I used to live in south africa with my daughter now living in the UK. I haven’t been back to south africa for 4 years going to 5. Has my permanent resident lasted? My daughter is a south african passport holder.

    Thanks a lot

  33. Hi,we we’re granted permanent residence as a family in 1965 on one cerfificate.My mother who has lived in Germany for over 10 years wants to return to South Africa to be with her children,how do we find out if she still has the permanent residence Status?Thank you.

  34. I have case of concern here, I got my Permanent Residence in SA under critical skills and there were spelling error in my name. Hence, I sent it back for rectification over year ago but there is no any feedback, Please can you advise what should I do ?

  35. Hi, I am holder of spousal visa and we have being married for 3 years in home affairs & church with two kids both in my name and my wife also bears my surname.
    Can i apply for PR now before the marriage is 5years base on having kids with SA citizen.

  36. Hi i have 5 years work permit(general work visa) .if i want apply for permanent residence permit i still need a letter from labour department

  37. Hi i have 5 years work permit(general work visa) .if i want apply for permanent residence permit i still need a letter from labour department

  38. I got South African ID last year.My wife got spouse visa last year.We have married 25 years back.Can she appy for PR now

  39. I have 7years in S.A and my hubby is a S.A citizen and have 3year old child,so l need to know which process or step should we take to get married to home affair and change my surname to his.l have a work permit

  40. Hi there,

    I had applied permanent residence for my wife and son and in 2015 July, and my son got PR in June 2017 , but for my wife no progress, I am trying to call customer care but no progress.
    Can you please assist us to get that visa as we need to travel end of this month.


  41. Hello,

    I am an Angolan national with SA per residency.

    I am travelling to Angola for a week, I have an SA travel doc but my Angolan passport is expired… do I need a visa to travel to Angola ?

    My SA travel doc states that i am an Angolan national and I have in the past needed a visa to travel to other countries that SA citizens can often travel to without a visa.

    Thank you

  42. My daughter in law (USA citizen ) was granted a relatives visa for 2 years. My son who lived in USA died beginning of the year. He was still a SA citizen. They have a daughter of 15 months who has dual citizenship (she was born in the USA) My daughter in law is living here since March this year. She wants to apply for pernanent resedency. SA consulate in NYC adviced her to do so, because relatives permit is only 24 months valid and she wants to stay in SA. Can you please advice me on this matter?

  43. Hi, Am a holder of PRP but lost my spouse,can I remarry and still keep my PRP as I have had my PRP since 2008.pls adviser ,am afraid that they might withdraw or cancel my PRP if I remarry.

  44. I am south african , my husband is swiss. We’ve been married for 19 years and have come home to live in south africa. He has applied a year ago for the permanent residence permit. we were told it could take 12 to 18 months is this true? Is there any way of finding out it’s progress. We have a number but it doesn’t help much and VFS can’t do more. Please advise his relative permit expires in September 2017
    Thank you !!

  45. iam a holder of prp and would like to know if i can apply for id in any nearest home affairs or there are specific ones

  46. For business purposes I had to convert from Permanent Resident to a SA Citizen prior to 1994.
    Can I revert to my original Permanent Residents status as I still have my original Permanent Residents Certificate. If this is possible how do I do it and what costs are involved. I also hold a UK Passport.

  47. Hi there,

    I received the PRP 12 years ago, based on the spousal relationship, that if the rlationship lapsed, the PRP will as well.
    Unfrotunately, we didn’t know, that we have to report after 3 years, that we are still together.

    Now I got told from DHA, that my PRP lapsed and that I have to re-apply.

    Can you give me insight how it will work?

    I am still together with my hubby and build up a life here and being employed.

    What will happen with my status and job?

    Thank you

  48. Hi

    I obtained my PR certificate on the ground of 5 years continuous refugee status. Can I travel back to my home country and returned back to SA without problem? Can I also use the passport of my home country?

    Please advise!

  49. i am married to an SA citizen and have a valid work permit.All for more than 8years now.My permanent residence permit has been pending for more than 4years now without any explaination Can you help?

  50. Hello.
    My husband and i are PR holders. Both our children are citizens, however the law has changed stating that children of permanent residents can no longer be citizens, so what will any further children we have be considered as? As you can imagine, this is quite distressing as we are afraid to have more children.

  51. Hi , I’m SA citizen I have life partner we living together for 8 years I applied for PR last year November still didn’t get anything,how long does it take i heard it takes 9months

  52. I together with my family applied for PR in May 2015. I the main applicant got mine 9 months later in Jan 2016, however, my spouse and 3 kids are still pending 22 months later.
    Is there any other way I can check on the status except the VFS system? It only indicates when the applications were received by Home Affairs.

  53. I am a teacher employed by the SGB. I have been denied the chance to apply for a state paid position in my school which I have worked at for 7 years. The reason is that my ID is written Non-citizen. I am in Pretoria and may I be assisted with links for labour lawyers. The other question I have is that I got my PR with a condition to continue employed in the my field for five years. I was supposed to submit my application for citizenship after 5 years from the date I got the PR,but the new requirements for citizenship have been changed to 10 years. When should I submit my application for citizenship?

  54. Hello Dear
    Just Obtained my PRP in December 22nd and that same day i applied for my ID Book and received the first SMS. Till now it has not heard from the Home Affairs in Regards to my ID Book Application. How long does this normally take because my friends took like 6wks for his ID book to be ready and he just got his PRP too in November 2016.

    Or alternatively, is there ways you can assist to expedite the process of my application through your office. I would be glad to know the proceeds.

  55. Hi I got PRP and I apply PRP for my wife and children of 4 years one who staying in south Africa with spouse and dependent visa.

    my question is after PRP for my children, home affair don’t allow id for under 18, so is she can study with PRP?
    or they will give birth certificate?

  56. Hi,

    My husband received his Prp last year but he has been absent from South Africa after the 1 year issue date. which means that the permit lapsed because he was not in SA within or on the 1 year issuance date. What should he done now? Can he reapply for the Prp?

    I hope my question makes sense.

  57. I and my wife became SA permanent residents and got ID books with a bar code in 1991. Both were working, I as a prof at varsity (UKZN) in Durban and my wife as a programmer analyst at Tongaat. Both retired after 20 odd years and have pension in SA. We never left SA for more than two months. My wife was returning from 6 weeks overseas trip on Feb 30, 2017. She was informed at a passport control at the airport that she must keep “refreshing” her permanent resident status at a police station every there months. I suppose that the same holds for me. Isn’t that odd? I cannot believe that the officer at the passport control was possibly right. I wish to add that none of us has ever been prosecuted (or even charged) anywhere in the world.

  58. I am a PRP holder which I got in February 2015 after working for 6 years in SA. My spouse subsequently got hers last year in June 2016 as my spouse and dependant. Then after she got her PRP, she has caused break-up of our marriage through adultery and is now threatening to divorce me and clean me out of everything that I worked for. Can I get her PRP cancelled by DHA, and if so, how?

  59. I obtained SA permanent residence in 1975, married a SA citizen in 1982 and live there until 2007, when my SA spouse and I moved to the UK. We went back for a holiday in 2013, now more than 3 years since I was there. We both want to return to live there later this year, will I have issues (still in possession of my original PR permit and ID book)? Thank you for your advice.

  60. Goodmorning,
    I have been meaning to apply for a PR. My grandfather on my mum’s side was South African and I have studied in South Africa on two occasions using study permits which expired and I am now back in my home country. I would like to find out if it is possible to apply for PR using my grandfathers status (would it help) and/or my skills acquired from tertiary? As I would really like an opportunity to live in South Africa as I also have family there too.
    Kind Regards,

  61. Hi ,

    I have been issued PR of SA however I came to know that my PR is not valid (fake). Now I am in my home country. May you please help me in knowing the process of withdrawing the same from DHA. Pls can i get any help.

  62. Good day

    I have a PRP and I have applied for an ID, but I haven’t received it yet. How long does it take for the ID to be processed?

  63. Hi Martine

    Thank you for contacting us. We suggest you contact the Department of Home Affairs and ask for assistance with obtaining an official letter. Your permanent residence status will also lapse if you leave the country for more than 3 years.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  64. Hi, I have permanent residence in SA, but need something official indicating that I have renounced my permanent residence status. This is a requirement of the Swiss government before I can apply for Swiss citizenship. Can you help at all?

  65. Hi Vivian

    Thank you for contacting us. The general rule is that you can leave the country for up to 3 years, you should be fine if you enter the country before then.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  66. Hi there

    I obtained my PRP as well as SA ID last year ….in October i left the country and only intend to return to SA at the end og this year 2017

    it will mean that i will be away 1 year 3 months. do i stand a risk of losing my residency? I still maintain my Bank accounts in the country.

  67. Hi Djuma

    Thank you for contacting us. You will be allowed to visit your country of origin.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  68. Good day Sir/Madam

    I am a PRP holder, obtained from refugee status. Am I allowed to visit my country of origin ?

  69. Hi – I would like to withdraw my PR application and do it through you as you indicate that your turnaround times are faster. How do I go about doing this. Please advise.

    ps; it was lodged through VFS

  70. Hi Precious

    Thank you for contacting us. We assume the interview will need to take place at the Department of Home Affairs. The form should have clear instructions about the process you need to follow. Please email with an overview of your situation and your contact details and a consultant will be in touch to give you further assistance.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  71. Hi,
    im applying for prp, my appointmnt is sheduled. Got a paper of an interview, BI-947 FORM 18.Have to go for it before submission of application or afterwrds
    and where can i go for an interview and whts the procedure.

  72. Hi Asif

    Thank you for contacting us. The processing time for PRP is 8-18 months.

    Kind Regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  73. Hi. I have married with SA citizen and i have passed 5 years married time and i also applied at vfs global office for my PR now how long do I have to wait to get my PRP

  74. Hi Prosper

    Thank you for contacting us. A PRP can take 8 – 18 months to process. We advise you to not overstay when your general work permit expires. Please email with this overview of your situation and your contact details and a consultant will get back to you with a solution to your situation.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  75. Hi, I just want to find out if one can apply for a PRP just before the expiry to a general work permit of 5 years

  76. Hi Patience

    Thank you for contacting us and sorry to hear about your situation. Please email outlining your situation and include your contact details and a consultant will get in touch.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  77. Hi. I am married to a PR holder for more than 7 years. Last year (January 2015) my son and i applied for our PRs. I was the main applicant and my son’s documents were below mine. As of June 2016 my son’s PR was approved and mine is still pending. Is there a possibility that my application has been misplaced or i still need to wait for the required 24 months before doing anything, and what action is possible.

    Thank you.

  78. Hi Ali

    Thank you for contacting us. In theory your PRP is meant to expire if you have been outside the country for more than three years. However, this process is not automated by the DHA and so it is not a given that your PRP has expired, we recommend that we submit a once off status determination application to determine if you still have permanent residence status in South Africa. For further information please email and a consultant will get back to you.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  79. Hello, I am a PRP holder and has been out of SA for almost 4 years !
    Now I would like to retun to the south Africa

    Do I need to apply for a visitor visa or I can enter based on my PRP and decision of immration officer? ( my home country passport is in the visa required countries)

    I do not want to risk and fly without proper documents

    Best Regards

  80. The Act does, however, make provision for an application to be made by a PRP holder in terms of which he or she seeks to extend the aforementioned period. This application must be made prior to the expiration of the three year period and the applicant is required to show good cause as to why the period should be extended. Exceptions to the rule that one will forfeit his or her PRP if absent from South Africa for more than 3 years are made where:

    The PRP holder was residing abroad in the service of the State;
    The PRP holder was residing abroad whilst a representative/employee of a person or association of persons resident or established in South Africa;
    The PRP holder was residing abroad while in the service of an international organization of which the State is a member;

    In the case of the spouse or dependent child of the abovementioned persons, where the spouse or dependent child was residing with such person; and
    In the case of the spouse or dependent child of a South African citizen, where the spouse or dependent child was residing with such citizen.
    The periods envisioned in the above exceptions will not be taken into account when computing the three year period. Notwithstanding the aforegoing, if you are a PRP holder who intends to be out of South Africa for an extended period plz explain it plz in a easiest way shall be glad

  81. Hi Talent

    The main advantage of gaining permanent residency in South Africa is that you have an indefinite status in the country. You are legally allowed to work in any industry and it gives you the ability to run a business.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  82. Hey Rehmatullah

    Unfortunately, the process can take up to 2 years. You can follow up with your application with the Department of Home Affairs.

    Kind regards,
    SAVisas Team

  83. Please i applay prp nowh 17month and 8days i want to knw how long to process i am in south africa please ) thanks

  84. Hi Atif

    Your permanent residence permit should still be valid and you should still be able to enter the country.


  85. But I am outside the country for 11 months and twenty days so how my prp is not valid explain it plz

  86. But I am outside the country for 11 months and twenty days so how my prp is not valid explain it plz

  87. Hi Atif.

    It would be unlikely that your permanent residence status is no longer valid, as you have been outside the country for less than three years.

    Kind regards,
    The SAVisas Team

  88. Hey.hope u fine.i am prp and id holder.i am absent from south Africa for 02-08-2015.the reason is my father is a patient of diabetes and chronic kidney failure. I want to know two questions. First I am busy with my dad is that good cause in law.second is my prp and id is valid. Please need your help.thanx .regard’s Atif rahi.

  89. Hey how are u sir/madam I am prp holder and id holder I am out of south africa for 02/08/2015 because of my father is diabetes and dialysis patient.i want ask two questions first is it good cause in law that look after my father second did my prp is still valid.please reply me shall be glad

  90. Hi Brett

    Thank you for contacting us. If you return to South Africa within the 3 years, the clock will be reset.

    Kindest Regards,

  91. Hi Claire, I am in a similar situation to Yangdou (June 26), as I am on contract in UK. Is it correct that if I return for a holiday within the 3 year period, then the 3 year clock starts again? I may be away for at least another 2 years. Regards.

  92. Dear Yangdou. It should not be a problem. Please keep in mind that if you have not been in South Africa for three years or longer, then it can be decided to retire your PR.

  93. Hi, I hold a gereral work permit for 5 years and get PR last year.I resign from my company last month,decide back to home country for a 2 to 3 years, is that might be problem when I back South Africa ?

  94. Hi Onyx. PR applications can take 18 months to process from the date of submission. I would recommend that you determine a date in which you are no longer prepared to wait, withdraw your application and instruct us to proceed with a new application for you. Our turnaround times are far below the standard industry times. Please visit and submit an enquiry when you are ready to proceed with a new application.

  95. Hello, please I applied for PRP last year January 2015 and is june 2016 , still not out.
    I have been checking my status at Vfs.
    Please do you think I should call Vfs office or should I still wait.
    Please assist me.

  96. Hello Charlene. PRP holders are very similar to South African citizens with the only exception being that they cannot vote. In terms of employment, PRP holders therefore have the same rights as South African citizens.

  97. I’m holder of PRP since end of 2014 and now want to apply PRP for my minor son (16) and spouse. They all in the country for more than 10years. Using the form BI-947 I’m totally confused. Is my son the principal applicant and does he need to undergo an interview like I did 2years ago?

  98. Hi Giovanna,

    Was he working for a South African company abroad? We would suggest a status check as the first point of departure.

  99. Hello,
    My father is an Italian Citizen with permanent residency in SA as all his children are SA citizens and live here. He is in Cyprus and has worked there for nearly 5 years and not returned to SA but now needs to come back as his contract is up and he will be retiring. We did not know about the 3 year period. What would happen now?

  100. Good afternoon Charlene, provided the position is not identified as an employment equity position, then discrimination based on nationality is illegal. As far as recourse is concerned, it would be best to consult with a labour law specialist to discuss your options.

  101. Hi there, I am a PRP holder and went for a job interview recently and afterward they told me they do not employ foreign nationals. Is it legal to discriminate on based on nationality even though I hold a valid PRP. Do I have any rights or recourse against this prospective employer?


  102. Hello . I have a permanent residency in South Africa and I went for a job interview only to be told they do not employ foreigners. My question is do legal PRP holders have any rights in the employment sector. Was it legal for them to discriminate based on nationality?
    Thank you.

  103. Hi Kenias, if you are a permanent resident, then you are not obliged to possess or produce a work visa.

  104. I hold a permanent residence certificate and hold a south African ID. My new employer is asking for my work permit?
    I thought as a Permanent resident with an rsa I will not be requested for a work permit?

  105. I am on a business permit that expires in August can I obtain a permanent residence?

  106. Hi all

    @Dennis, unfortunately we do not specialize in Refugee or Asylum Statuses at this stage. With other PR applications that we have done, the waiting period is anything from 8 – 18 months. You will have to contact your local Home Affairs (DHA) to find out what the status of the application is, but please note that the internal tracking system for the DHA is currently offline, which means the local offices cannot provide feedback on pending applications at the moment. They would however be able to do so once the system is working running again. If you still cannot find help at the DHA, I would suggest approaching a service provider that specializes in Refugee affairs in your local area.

    @Michael, you would qualify for PR based on 5 years’ continuous work visas, granted that your work visas are continuous and not interrupted by even 1 day. If last-mentioned is the case, the count will reset and start counting towards 5 years all over. Do you have 5 years’ continuous work visas?

    @Jonathan, you do not need to involve a pastor or anyone form a church. You can register your marriage at Home Affairs directly. This link will explain the process: You will simply conduct and register the marriage at Home Affairs, or it can be officiated by any registered marriage officer (not only pastors or religious figures) in a venue of your choice.

  107. what must i do i have been in relationship with a citizen fr almost five yrs nw, i need to get a marriage certificate bt i don’t go to church so that i can get a letter of engagement frm pastor like what i was told to do by dha official, a letter that enables me to get the marriage certificate from home affairs.

  108. I want more information on how to apply for a permanent residence permit I have been in South Africa for six years and working using general work permit

  109. More information on how to get a permanent residence permit .I have been in South Africa for six years and working

  110. I am a holder of Refugee Status for the past seven years.I applied for permanent residence for me , my wife and two children last year in February.I was assured I would be told the result within 6 months.Up to now no response of even acknowledging receipt of my application.Can someone tell me,what must I do next?My life is in limbo

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