South African visa solutions for ZSP spouses

Many Zimbabweans holding ZSP’s have settled down and made South Africa a home for themselves and their families, without acquiring a legal South African visa or permit before the end of 2017, they will have to give up their lives here and return to their Zimbabwe.

The process for Zimbabwean Special Permit (ZSP) holders converting to visas and permits can be lengthily, especially due to the high influx of applications leading up to the expiry of all ZSP’s in December 2017.

A solution

For Zimbabwean nationals holding ZSP’s that have subsequently married a South African citizen, the spousal visa has become a very viable option to live and work legally in the country.

This visa type also allows for the application of a work endorsement.

The added challenge is that submissions for change of status from ZSP need to take place in the holder’s country of origin.

The South African application centre in Zimbabwe indicates that the processing time for this visa type is 6 to 8 weeks.

Note that ZSP visas hold a condition that does not allow holders to apply for permanent residence.

View the VFS global Zimbabwe site for people applying for South African visas here.

Rumours of an extension

Rumours flying around the media that South African Development Community (SADC) will push to implement a SADC work visa and are pending its’ approval, and the announcement of this will be made in early 2017.

However, this has yet to be confirmed and remains just a rumour at this stage.

Read more about the rumour here.

Best advice

If you are currently in South Africa on a ZSP, it is our best advice to you to use this time to find a long-term non-restrictive visa solution to enable you to stay in the country legally and keep ZSP’s or similar as a last resort.

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  1. I’m South African I have a Zim boy friend who’s the father of my kids .wat is the process if we want to get married.

  2. Im south African and I have been dating and living with my Zimbabwean boyfriend for 3yrs if he becomes a permanent residence would he still need his zim drivers licence also where and how do we go about applying for permanent residency

  3. Married a sa citizen its now 8years got a home affairs marriege certificate…im using zep permit how can i apply for a spouse permit

  4. I have been married to a South African woman for more than 8years and have a child with a South African birth certificate .l need to apply for spouse permit at the moment l got a zsp

  5. I am currently a holder of a zsp visa and i would like to change to the main stream . I married legally to a south African citizen since 2010 and we have two sons . What are the procedures to be followed.

  6. I, m an SA permanent resident holder. My son has a ZSP study permit and is currently learning in SA. So l want to apply for a student visa for him whilst l dont distub from school. How do l do this without disturbing my son from school.

  7. I have more than ten years living in south Africa and married to a south african. I have a zsp permit. How can I apply for a spouse permit.

  8. I am currently living in South Africa for the past 8 years with my South African boyfriend and we have a child together ,for now l am using the zsp working permit and my child has a south African birth certificate and a South African passport so will l be eligible to apply for a permanent residence or what because we are not married .

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