South African visas for journalists

South African visas for journalists

In the past, many journalists opted for the exceptional skills work visa when on long-term assignment in South Africa. It was a perfect match, as one of the yardsticks to determine whether a candidate’s skills could be deemed as “exceptional” was the amount of media coverage the candidate’s work and career had attracted. Due to the nature of journalism, this was a requirement that was easily met by journalists.

Exceptional skills visas no longer available

Unfortunately, exceptional skills visas were abolished with effect from 26 May 2014, leaving many journalists in the dark as to their remaining visa options. Fortunately, the long-stay visitor’s visa offers a solution. Long-stay visitor’s visas are far-reaching and powerful visa types which are often overlooked and misunderstood. One of the many professions intended to be served by long-stay visitor’s visas, is journalism.

How to qualify for a long term visitors visa

To qualify, a journalist must be on long-term assignment in South Africa, but still employed by a foreign news agency. The journalist may work in South Africa and the rest of Africa and there are no restrictions as to how much time must be spent working in South Africa. For this reason, the visa is ideally suited to journalists who use South Africa as a base and work throughout Africa.

How long is a long term visitors visa valid for

The visa can be issued for up to three years and may be renewed from within South Africa for further periods of three years. Unfortunately, the holder cannot change status from within the country and the visa does not offer eventual permanent residency status.

South African visas for journalists

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