Top Pet-Friendly Accommodation in South Africa

When arranging a family holiday, you want to include as much of your family as possible so that nobody feels left out.

For a lot of people, the family includes the pets that brighten up their lives and their home. However, not all places accommodate these furry friends that people have.

On that note, here are some pet-friendly accommodations in South Africa that you can look into for you and your pet.

1. Beach Forest Lodge

The Beach Forest Lodge are beachfront apartments that welcome pets so that you and your pets can enjoy the resort life.

The perks of staying at the Beach Forest Lodge is that you get a private place with your own patio. It is around 400 meters away from the beach so you’re near enough to reach the beach but you’re far enough away to receive some privacy.

The apartments are pretty spacious, although you will need to cater to your own needs. So make sure that you clean up after your pets.

2. Barking Beach Cottage

In the name itself, you can tell that those who made or own the place are a group of dog-lovers. In fact, the history of this place is about a family that owns around eight dogs who know about the desire to go on a holiday with their pets.

The entertainment rooms in these cottages are filled with dog beds and they also provide the leashes and the treats that guests can use. The backyard of the cottage has a lot of places and room for your pets to run around.

3. Stockpoort Border Lodge

Another pet-friendly place you can stay at is Stockpoort Border Lodge.

You can stay here during the summer and bathe in the swimming pools available. Aside from that, there is a farm with a river out front where you can see the wildlife and enjoy the quaint sight to relax for your holiday.

However, you should check with management first whether you can bring your pet or not. That way, you don’t have to cancel your plans at the last minute.

4. Old Mill Lodge and Restaurant

If you’re looking for a luxurious holiday where you can bring your pets with you, then you might want to give Old Mill Lodge and Restaurant a try.

Not only is this place beautiful with a mountain view to die for, but they also have great rooms with lots of facilities that make for a great stay.

Aside from that, there is an ostrich farm within the vicinity that you can check out if you’re interested.

5. The Oyster Box

The Oyster Box is a 5-star hotel located in Umhlanga, South Africa. Thus, you’re assured that you’re receiving the best service possible for your holiday vacation. In fact, even your pets will get the 5-star treatment with this hotel.

They will not only provide you with dog beds for your pets but there is even a dog menu available. A pet store is also available in the mall near the area.

6. Ant Bear Lodge

Ant Bear Lodge is a pet-friendly stay available to you if you plan on spending your holiday anywhere in the Drakensberg.

There are a lot of property amenities that you can enjoy as well. You can go fishing if that’s something you’re into or go horseback riding. Since it’s on a large farm, if you have a dog then they’re free to run around as they wish.

Ant Bear Lodge also provides luxury suites and the outstanding service that will make you feel more elevated during your stay.

7. Herambi Guest House

If pets and golf are two things that you like, then staying at the Herambi Guest House is something that you would want. Located in Laingsburg, this Victorian-style house is a serene area and is near a golf course, so you can play golf anytime you want.

You can even go hiking near the area and go birdwatching if you’d like. For a peaceful holiday with your pets, consider staying here.

8. Blue Rain Guest House

The owners of the Blue Rain Guest House are travellers themselves so they know what travellers like you would want in accommodation.

The farm-like atmosphere and environment is a place that you and your pets will definitely enjoy. You can even see beautiful sunsets during your stay in their guest house.

If you want to feel a modern retelling of country vibes, then this place is for you.

9. Cornerway House

In the Cornerway House, you have access to the pet-friendly rooms that also have private courtyards that are safe enough for your pets.

Aside from that, you can even bring your pets out because there is also the Robberg Beach nearby where they can run on sand or swim at the sea.

When All Else Fails, Opt for an Airbnb Rental

There are only a handful of pet-friendly accommodations in South Africa. Good thing, Airbnb is available in the country. In fact, you can search through hundreds of apartments, guest houses, cottages, and more for a pet-friendly option.

Sure, the properties listed on the site don’t have room service. Thus, you can check whether your host charges a cleaning fee or service fee. This is an indicator that they hire short term rental cleaning service provider to ensure that you will have a clean and immaculate place to stay while in South Africa.

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