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South African visa requirements updated for all UK majors

As posted on the VFS United Kingdom application site for South African visas, “A financial undertaking or support by a foreigner (parents/ spouse of an applicant who is not a South African citizen) is no longer recognized in terms of the South African Immigration Regulations.”

All applicants, aged 18 and older, applying for a visitor’s visa, volunteer visa, study visa and/or accompanying dependents need bank statements in the applicant’s name, which prove sufficient cover for the full duration of their stay. The following amounts per application need proof via bank statements:

– The requirement for short stay visas is £600 per person, per month

– R8500 per person, per month is needed for a long stay visa (accompanying dependents and study visas)

– A volunteer visa requires R3000.00 per person, per month

Funds transferred to the applicants account will require a letter stating the funds will be used for the sole purpose of their visit.

Read the statement on the website here

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