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VFS Appeals – What you need to know

You’ve obtained all your documents, waited in line, and finally submitted your visa or permanent residency application. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, but before you have a chance to finalise your Christmas wish-list you have your outcome from the Department of Home Affairs REJECTED.

What to do if your South African visa application is rejected

Once the initial wave of despair has passed, you are faced with one burning question…what happens next? Whether it appears as though the rejection was unfounded or not, the important thing to keep in mind is that you only have 10 working days within which to submit your appeal. In order to do so, you will need to schedule an appointment at the VFS Centre closest to you and complete the online application form. A practical issue that has arisen is that often a VFS Centre will not have any available appointments for you during the prescribed 10 day time frame.

What are your VFS appeal options

There is still a degree of uncertainty surrounding whether it is sufficient for you to complete the online form within 10 days and then attend an appointment thereafter, but we strongly advise against going down this route. A better option when there are no available appointments, is to book a future appointment and then take all your documents to VFS on a date within the 10 days to submit. VFS officials will accept your documents on the day provided that you can prove you have made a future appointment (even though that future date becomes superfluous).

Make sure you’re covered

To ensure you have all bases covered, it is advisable to enlist the services of an immigration attorney to draft your appeal, especially in complex cases.  Contact us for more information or assistance regarding VFS appeals.

Speak to a professional

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  1. Am Zimbabwean and married to a south African official for the past plus 4 years.I submitted for a spouse visa 7 months ago and on submission, my passport was taken away and now it is frustrating me after all this long separation with my partner.what can I do to temporarily get my passport so I can visit my partner and kid

  2. Good day

    I am humbly writing to inquire about the status of my study visa appeal my Name is Godius Kakaire and happened to get a full scholarship from Rock of springs college Britis campus to peruse a National diploma in mechanical engineering and did all the necessary paper and submitted for a study visa on the 18th of Feb 2019 but to my disappointment after 2weeks my visa application was rejected due to insufficient funds means but I did appeal and my brother was sponsoring my trip,study and stay in south Africa for the 3years so he wrote to the south African Embassy committing for a full financial support to me and he attached his 6months financial Bank statement and letter of comfort from DFCU bank uganda and it’s an active savings account with 100 million ug shillings.m y worry is school commences this mid April kindly follow up on my appeal and I go pursue my studoes,please find the attached and help me out

  3. Hello,what is going to happen if the applicant did not submit an appeal within 10 days because there was not appointment available within these 10 days.do they tolerate submission over 10 days ..please help me

  4. Good day,

    My study visa will expire on the 15th of this month, yet the earliest appointment date available with VFS is the 1st October. Is there any solution to avoid bring banned from the country?
    Please advise

  5. I applied for a study visa to South Africa and was denied a visa .yet I had all the proper documentations. There reason was that I can do the course in my country, this didn’t make sense to me because I wanted to get education from an internationally recognised culinary arts school which doesn’t exist in Uganda . I was told to appeal within 10 days but I am not sure what to do since my school term has already started. How long does the appeal take to pass through because I dont want to miss any more of my school term.

  6. Please l would like to find out about how to go about my appeal for my critical skills permit..

  7. Hi,

    I applied for a six months visitor visa (volunteer) which got rejected on the basis of the term internship used in the cover letter, which I believe was misinterpreted. So within 10 days I submitted an appeal against the decision. Exactly after one month I made a fresh application and this time for three months visitor visa for volunteer placement. Everything went well and it seemed promising but within a week I received an email that I need to make a formal request to withdraw my appeal that I made against the previous visa application/decision, which I did via email.

    As my travelling dates are approaching fast so I am wondering how long does the withdrawal of appeal and then processing new application will take. Can you please give some insight on this situation?


  8. Applied for a visitor to south africa but it was rejected under unbornafied visa….I appealed and have been waiting for my response and have not found any….am travelling in June please help

  9. Applied for a visitor to south africa but it was rejected under unbornafied visa….I appealed and have been waiting for my response and have not found any….am travelling in June please help

  10. Good day
    I apply for spouse permit after I married my wife in traditional and in home affair with marriage certificate issued to us, my spouse permit was rejected and I apply for appeal since 2015 upto date, my appeal have now, my appeal have not been finalise, what will I do because I can do anything I only use my wife I’D, please advise me thanks

  11. Good day
    I Applied for CVS Visa & it was denied saying my passport was linked to another passport with a fake visa.The passport with a fake visa is not mine.What should I do for the appeal

  12. I applied for a visa to RSA, when I was called to collect it, I found a letter written some sections and regulationsin it, then Uncertain Bona Fide Visit to RSA in bold. I am required to appeal, I have 3 days left and am still stranded.
    what should I do?
    Is it also possible to scrap my first application and try applying afresh?

  13. My visa was refused because they didn’t know the date I will be leaving in the member of state and also they are asking me of proof of host envedence since I’m my accommodation form the date I have to leave and my expired date of return is on the accommodation letter since I’m traveling to France not Netherlands but told me the assist for France visa need a reply

  14. Hello There,
    My visa application was refused because I didn’t submit Certificate from Department of Labour. As I am applying for a religious purpose say as a missionary, I need not fall under the category of Department of Labour. Could You please guide me in this regard?

    Please kindly also tell me the process of appeal; shall I have to submit any extra appeal form ?
    Please Help me as I have a little time of submission.

  15. I l failed to register with my university this year coz my visa was not yet out.l finally got it last week and lm not sure whether to report this to home affairs or just leave it.Pls help me.

  16. hello sir am adeyinka I apply a south Africa visa since January9/01/2018 since that time I Haven t receive any sms massage from them pls am feed up what can I do? thanks

  17. I applied for visa in September 2017 and was denied. I didn’t appeal because the conference I wanted to attend was taking place in 2 days time from the day the visa was denied.

    In February 2017 I had attended a similar conference and the visa
    was granted using similar documents. I never understood why my application was termed non Bonafide visit.
    Last week i applied for a holiday Visa and was supposed to collect today. I have received a call from the SA High Commission asking whether I had appealed after my visa was denied in September. I said I didn’t.

    I have not received any message to collect the passport.

    Is it possible to be denied again and if that happens how should I appeal?

  18. Please i was given a 10days visa and couldnt use it cause i was admitted,and it has expired…what do i do next…thinking of reapplying next month..

  19. Hi there,
    I, please, need your advice.
    I am a foreign national holding a valid student permit which will expire in December,31 2017.

    I tried to apply for a general work permit in education last year which was rejected due to negative report from the labour department. I appealed twice but was still rejected but unfortunately on my last appeal which come out yesterday the officer added that I am required to leave the country within 14 days.

    I am a bit confused as my student permit is still valid and I am still studying; I am working part time as per the law (20h per week) and the nature of my studies (postgrade reasearch) allow me to do so. I only wanted to general work in order to work full time.

    Now because of this decision requiring me to leave within 14 days, I seem a bit off.

    Is it a mistake? Did the immigration officer forget that I have a valid student permit? Did he think my permit expired hence he is asking me to leave as my appeal is rejected?
    Can he cancel my current permit just because I appeal the decision of my work permit twice?

    Please help, I am lost.


  20. Good Day ,I’ve been waiting for my appeal on my study permit which happened in may ,its already 6 Month and I’m still waiting for it and my university won’t let me register with my receipt isn’t there anyway I can get to go study whilst waiting for it as I can’t take another gap year.thank you

  21. Hi i desperately need help.
    Ive got my prp visa appeal ready for collection/outcome in cape town DHA.
    Is it possible to send someone to collect it like some sort of representative?
    its really far for me to travel – im out of country – another side of the earth knowing it might be rejected. it costs big money to do all these flights just to find out you got it or not

  22. Hello I have applied for my dependant visa on 25th May 2017. I haven’t received my visa yet. I need to see my father in India as he is hospitalised. Please help.

  23. Good day, please I have lost my appeal letter I don’t have even a copies please how can you help me

  24. Good morning my name is George, am from Nigerian, I applied for a study permit on d first of June 2017 and d application came out came out on Friday 16th of June 2017 and it was denied the reason for denial is previously denied for forged bank statement,pls kindly advice me on what to as my appeal date is getting closer

  25. Hello, pls I was denied visa based on the fact that “documents lack credibility/unconvincing”
    I don’t really know which of the document lack crediblity so as to make corrections where necessary. I need your help as soon as possible. Thank you.

  26. Hi Lewis you will be able to collect your Visa and the overstay will be overlooked as far as i know as long u have the receipt that you applied before it expired you’re safe

  27. Tourist VISA

    I have applied for Tourist Visa for my wife last time and we were not able to make it to SA last time, however we have a plan for going there on Aug this year, given the fact that she was approved and she did not appear for the first time, will her VISA be rejected this time or she will be allowed ? Kindly help me on this query..

  28. Hi, I wasn’t given back my yellow card and other documents after being denied reason being that i didn’t attach my personal bank statement. I was also given 10 days to re-apply which I’ve exceeded. Please what do?

  29. How long does it take dha to approved a volunteering visa??because mine is more than 21days

  30. Hi I applied for Permanent residency visa and it was rejected because apparently my Zimbabwe Police Clearance was invalid. But I applied same time as a friend of mine who I went to Zimbabwe with for the Police Clearance and his was OK. Now I have since flown to and from Zimbabwe with a new Police clearance as instructed by the VFS officials and been waiting for 9 months. My current visa expires in 2019 June. What must I do? I have been following a number of people who appeals have taken years and some never came back and had to go back after the Visas expired. I am slowly losing hope what must I do?

  31. Hi,
    Don’t know if anyone still responds to this thread…
    I am currently waiting PRP (I’m at 16 months as of now), however the news has only just reached me that I can’t use the receipt from VFS to travel in and out of SA( I believe it was called Directive 46)… Now I’m overstayed by about 3 months.
    My question is, when I go to collect my PRP will they check my current visa and make me undesirable before I even collect the PRP?
    If the visa application is accepted will the overstay be overlooked? What are my options at this point?
    If you can help with advice please contact me.
    Many thanks.

  32. hi l recently applied for a study permit to south africa and after submission the department asked me to provide more proof of sufficient funds which l did. to my understanding the application did not fail or pass according to vfs zimbabwe. my question is how long will it take to get to the final decision for my visa because my due date is fast aproachin

  33. Hy, I applied for a study permit in south Africa and was denied on the basis that the school was not registered with the educational department. But the school is really registered and they had proofs of their registration. Plz advice me on what to do.

  34. may l know if you can check for me if my overstaying appeal was
    cleared. I applied for it in September.
    The issue is like l overstayed with 20mins on the 3rd of January 2015
    owing to a breakdown and the immigration officer gave me a one year
    ban.The ban ended on the 3rd of January 2016.
    Now l want to apply for a study visa and l would like to know if l can apply.
    Thank you.

  35. hi am registred with my mother passport sice i came to southafrica now i have my empty passport am in grade 12 .education departement request study visa to qualify for to pass metric exems.i did apply for study permit was rejected reason no valid visa but i was with my mother passport in acc spouse visa. and i apply by immegration for good cause letter .and i apply for appeal .now takes long bcoz education departement closing date to accept documentto pass the metric exems end of october ?????plz edvice?

  36. Hello Owino.

    I am sorry to hear about for the situation in which you are in now. In order to assist you, we first need to know the exact reason why your study permit has been rejected at the border. Please visit https://www.savisas.com/banned-from-entering-south-africa/ and fill in the form at the bottom of the page. A professional of this matter will get in touch with you soon.

    Kind regards,

  37. Hi. After applying via VFS and the study permit issued to me; the very permit was declared invalid at the airport. So am in Kenya now and i have to come back to South Africa to continue with my studies. Am now considered an undesirable person…and the 10 days to appeal is fast moving. Whats the way forward.

  38. We would recommend that you leave South Africa and return on a visitor visa when you are expecting an outcome on your application.

  39. Good day

    I have submitted my application this month and my current visa is expiring soon, will I be declared undesirable pending my application. Please advice

  40. Hey writing – I am thankful for the specifics – Does someone know where my company can find a fillable a form version to use ?

  41. Good morning Zaheeda, it’s difficult to provide advice with the limited information. Please send through a copy of the rejection letter as well as a detailed explanation of the case to matt@lr-inc.co.za and we will revert back with our recommended course of action.

  42. My husband received a rejection letter regarding his Temporary residence visa in Nov 2015. We had some hassles in renewing his passport. unfortunately the 10 working days to submit an applictaion for appeal have already passed. what do we do now?

  43. Good day Khwima, you will either have to await the outcome of your appeal, or submit a new study visa application. I suspect the latter will be the quicker option.

  44. Hello ,I’ve been waiting for my appeal on my study permit which happened in 2015,its already 2016 and I’m still waiting for it and my university won’t let me register with my receipt isn’t there anyway I can get to go study whilst waiting for it as I can’t take another gap year.thank you

  45. Hi Hamid, you’ll have to include copies of all the requisite documents, not just those that were missing.

  46. If my application is rejected because one or two required documents are considered invalid,when am submitting my appeal do i have to include are documents which passed or i submit only the documents in question!??

  47. Hi Frank,

    A request for condonation for late submission will have to be put forward. VFS/DHA are not obliged to accept this however. Feel free to send through an enquiry to immigration@lr-inc.co.za should you need more assistance.

  48. Hello, what is going to happen if the applicant did not submit an appeal within 10 days, do they tolerate submission over 10 days, thank you.

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