VFS Zimbabwe opening

VFS application centre to open in Zimbabwe

VFS application centres to open in Harare and Bulawayo on 1 December 2016.

These application centres will accept applications and documentation on behalf of the South African Missions.

The trading hours of the application centres will run from Monday to Friday for 8:00 am to 12:00 and 13:00 to 15:00. These VFS centres will close for South African public holidays and holidays declared by the Federal Authority of Zimbabwe.

A Zimbabwean VFS application centre website has been created and it acts as a point of information with downloadable forms and an appointment scheduling option. You can visit the Zimbabwean VFS application centre’s website here.

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  1. i lost my old passport after applying a new permit, i would like to know how can i apply for transfer my permit to my new passport

  2. Good day , please advise me on what is required when applying for a study permit for a child to study in South Africa grade 8

  3. I applied for a relative visa for my 20 year old daughter at vfs office in Harare and was turned down because the according to lady who checked her documents only children below the AGE of 18 qualifies for that particular visa, but that is not there on S.A. immigration requirements. please assist

  4. Hello dear… i am a deaf… please can l want to help for you permit apply in s.a how much pay visa… I have a job

  5. I was studying in south Africa. I completed my study. Then applied for critical skill work permit. While studying in was working also. So now they rejected mtn application they say I was not suppose to be working

  6. Good day

    I wish to apply for a work permit. I have a valid Zim passport and I have full time employment in South Africa.

  7. I hold a ZSP permit, can I include spouse on my permit?he has been staying in SA since 2003 and has been using asylum document which was taken away from him on the13th of Nov 2017.He is now being forced to leave his family and go back to Zimbabwe.

  8. Hello my husband needs to apply for apply for a permit for the first time ,is it done in Zimbabwe the way we are hearing as we reside in South Africa .we heard the permits are being issued to previous holders how do we go about it for him to acquire one and how much we should pay?

  9. Hi, l need to apply for a spouse visa for the first time ,what is needed please help and how much must l pay

  10. I am permanent resident and have South African ID. My son had a student permit which expired at the end of his matric exams year (2015). Can I apply for student permit for him here in South Africa for college or this can only be done in Zimbabwe?

  11. Hi.
    I am a 34 year old man working on South Africa and l am using the ZSP special permit. I want to change the status of my permit and l understand l must come to Zimbabwe to do so. I would like to know if l have to book before hand and also if there is online booking (where booking is required. I would also want to know what l am required to present (documents) for a spousal permit and the amount of money that is required to pay for the service fees. Thank you in advance

  12. Hello,i want to apply for work permit ,what should i do? And it takes how long and the requirement? Please help me

  13. Good morning

    Just got my SAQA evaluation now want to start to apply for study permit what are the requirements and costs

  14. Good day
    I hope I find you well.Do the department of home affairs accept some short courses in order to get a skills permit .For an instance I have got a certificate in Risk Management plus 7 years working experience in the field of Risk Management .so do I qualify for a skills permit
    Kind Regards
    Oswell Kadembo

  15. need to apply general work pemit, what are the requirements? how much am supposed to pay for all the pro

  16. Greetings, need to renew study permit, does Bulawayo provide police clearance? or I have to go or send my fingerprints to Harare

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