Where to Volunteer to Work with Animals in South Africa

When looking into a volunteer or working visa, one might either want to spend their time contributing to the greater good of animals, or to South Africa’s community. At first, foreigners who come to South Africa might find themselves quickly drawn here, seeking to uplift poverty-stricken areas.

However, for others looking into a volunteer visa, working with animals in South Africa may also prove to be a rewarding option.

Working with Animals in South Africa

Wouldn’t you love to work with animals in South Africa?

Hit Pause to Help out Some Paws at Pit Pals

Pit Pals is just one of the many great animal rehabilitation centres in Cape Town. Here, just like any other shelter, you’ll find plenty of loveable dogs eagerly awaiting your arrival. However, this dynamite dog-pad truly stands out in its own way.

Pit Pals specialises mostly in the careful rehabilitation of pit bulls and other ‘power’ breeds.

If life for a stray pup isn’t hard enough, Pit bulls often have an added bad rep to their struggle here in South Africa. This foundation welcomes various volunteer work, from helping with admin to helping with marketing and training programmes.

This shelter is pro-life and works hard with surrounding communities to educate, re-voice and re-home these unfairly judged teddy-bears.

  • Ready to get your paws dirty? This Pit Pal Pad is privately owned, so best to reach them at info@pitpals.org.za.

Have a Great Time Not a Grey Time, at Greyton Animal Farm Sanctuary

Who says you can’t come to South Africa to work AND have fun at the same time? If you’re looking for a little getaway to the countryside, surrounded by an abundance of lavish green landscape paradise, look no further than Greyton Animal Farm Sanctuary.

The sanctuary is tucked away safely beyond the hills, which only further adds to its charm. Volunteers and visitors can make themselves comfortable in the rustic farm-style accommodation provided on-site, and be sure to feel right at home in a jiffy.

So, why hunt for the hills of this nestled farm treasure? This animal farm is loved largely by the vegan community and has proved to be a life-changing experience, both for locals and foreigners volunteering to work with animals in South Africa.

Here you’ll meet various rescued animal companions, such as sheep, pigs, cows, chickens and even a cute little ‘tux-wearing’ feline.

Dig into Sandy Shores with SANCCOB

With centres found in various parts of South Africa, SANCCOB offers some of the most challenging and unique animal volunteer work. This volunteer programme is a non-profit organisation, which specialises in helping oiled, hurt, hungry and/or declining sea-life.

Seeing penguins for the first time might also be a huge motivation for many foreigners first seeking animal volunteer work.

Working with penguins isn’t always as ‘glam’ as it sounds, but you’ll most certainly come out on the other side glowing from this golden experience.

The volunteer work at SANCCOB includes helping with anything from washing used blankets and syringes, to building your way up to rescued penguin and bird caretakers.

Avoid feelings of salty FOMO and make sure to attend the action, as SANCCOB also hosts a yearly rescue and release event.

Here, spectators and volunteers alike can experience these rescued birds happily re-entering their ocean environment. The event also works to celebrate and educate people on penguin awareness, and it’s free entry for all!

Something for Everyone at South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance

Of course, there are multiple other volunteer programmes available after you’ve gotten your work or volunteer visa – the list truly does go on and on. Last on this list, however, is SAASA, which aids wildcats, primates and birds.

Spoilt for choice? Cat got your tongue?

At the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, it won’t be long before the big cats capture your heart, too. And, if after looking at all these options you still haven’t met your match, head to Monkeyland or Birds of Eden.

All three programmes at SAASA focus on improving neglected, abandoned, abused and rescued animals.

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