Visa Overstay South Africa

Visa Overstay South Africa – How will you pay?

A year has passed since the amended Immigration Act and regulations came into effect and we are still seeing people overstaying their South African visas on a regular basis. One of the more common reasons for a visa overstay in South Africa is that many foreigners still hold the erroneous belief that they will be able pay […]

Prosecution of illegal foreigners

Illegal foreigners encouraged to depart SA or face penalties

In light of recent events, the parliamentary portfolio committee on Home Affairs has been taken to task over issues centered on the prevalence of illegal foreigners within South Africa’s borders and the perceived inability on the part of the government to keep track of their entrance and continued residence in the country. The proposed new […]

Immigration Inspectorate cracks down on South African employers

Immigration Inspectorate cracks down on South African employers

South Africa’s immigration policy is once again up for review. It has recently emerged that, since 2010, approximately 330 000 foreigners have overstayed their South African visas and remained in the country illegally. This is commonly viewed as the result of government failing to significantly invest in methods aimed at policing illegals residents. This is, however, […]

Retention of South African Citizenship

Retention of South African Citizenship

Many South Africans consider dual citizenship to be a welcome privilege and in some cases even a necessity. An aspect of dual citizenship that is, however, often overlooked is the issue of the automatic loss of one’s South African citizenship. How to retain dual citizenship Section 6 of the South African Citizenship Act (“The Act”) specifies […]

10 jobs in demand in South Africa

10 unique jobs you didn’t know were in demand in South Africa right now

South Africa’s critical skills list is a comprehensive outline of professions that have been deemed to be in demand by the country. While many of the jobs you’ll likely be familiar with, here are ten listed occupations that might come as a surprise to you [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] Speak to a professional Contact Le Roux Attorneys, South African […]

foreign student in South Africa

You know you’re a foreign student in South Africa when…

Be it the picturesque campuses, diverse cultural variety, or the world-renowned academic acclaim, it’s no secret that many South African Universities attract a flood of international students the world over. While each University offers its own set of unique experiences, there are 20 ‘South African-isms’ that every foreign student can appreciate while hitting the books in Mzansi.


Permanent residency is not that permanent

Most people are unaware of the fact that a South African permanent residence permit (“PRP”) may be withdrawn by the Department of Home Affairs. South African residence permit can be withdrawin There are four prevalent reasons for the withdrawal of a permanent residency permit, namely where: A PRP holder is convicted of a serious criminal […]

South African Spaza Shops and foreign competition

‘Spaza’ shops and foreign competition

Minister of Small Business Development, Lindiwe Zulu, has ordered foreign small business owners to share their trade secrets with locals, or else. Foreigners who are entrepreneurs The minister’s comments come on the heels of a series of xenophobic attacks and acts of vandalism against immigrant ‘spaza’ shop owners in Gauteng. Minister Zulu is quoted as […]

South African visa - detention and deportation

Detention and Deportation – Know your rights

The South African Immigration Act No.13 of 2002 provides immigration officials with rather wide-ranging powers when it comes to the arrest, detention and deportation of illegal foreigners. In some instances, these powers have been abused as displayed in the case of Edward Samotse. Thus it has become incredibly important for foreigners to familiarise themselves with […]


The King who envied the shepherd

South African provincial rugby side, the EP Kings, have made news after one of their newly acquired foreign imports, Samoan wing Paul Perez, had his contract terminated after disappearing for two days without permission or notice. Under the conditions of Perez’s visa, the EP Kings were obliged to inform the Department of Home Affairs of […]