March 2021 SA visa changes

New Visa Concessions Announced – March 2021

The Department of Home Affairs published new regulations today, 26 March 2021, in Government Gazette 44335. A year ago, special visa concessions were announced which automatically extended visas which expired during the state of disaster. The ongoing state of disaster was announced on 15 March 2020. The visa concessions allowed foreign nationals to remain in […]

Lockdown Level 1 Travel: List of High-risk Countries

The further rules around the reopening of the country’s borders were announced this afternoon. From 1 October 2020, international travel from the African Continent and from countries outside the African Continent with a low rate of COVID-19 infection and transmission, will resume, subject to: (a) the traveller providing a valid certificate of a negative test […]

Part-Time Study Endorsement for Business and Work Visas

According to an Immigration Directive, issued by the Department of Home Affairs in 2015, the holders of certain temporary residence visas may register and undertake in part-time studies in South Africa during the validity period of their visas. As of 01 May 2015, those holding a business visa, or general, critical skills, or intra-company transfer […]

Coronavirus Travel Rules Clarified For South African Travel

South Africa’s borders are not completely closed – yet Individuals who have been in high-risk countries will be denied entry Foreign nationals presently in South Africa will be allowed to extend their visas On 18 March 2020, the Department of International Relations and Cooperation issued a travel advisory with more information on President Cyril Ramaphosa’s […]

What Are The Zimbabwean Exemption Permit Requirements?

On Friday, 8 September 2017, the Minister of the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), Prof. Hlengiwe Mkhize, revealed the requirements and processes of the newly-announced Zimbabwean Exemption Permits (ZEPs). The Zimbabwean Exemption Permits replace 2014’s Zimbabwean Special Permits (ZSPs) and the Special Dispensation Permits for Zimbabweans (DZPs) which were issued in 2010. The series of […]

The Rarest Skills in South Africa

Skills shortages have been an issue for South Africa for some time now and this is further compounded by the growing need for technical and digital skills. There are range posts that are currently “considered” rare as we cannot meet the local demand. We have in recent years tried to recruit across borders and South […]

An expired study visa

DHA Scraps Visa Transfers

Expired passports will automatically cause visas to expire UPDATE [3 March 2017] – The Department of Home Affairs has done an about-turn and confirmed that it will still allow visa transfers for the time being.  Unexpired visas in passports which have already expired will be recognised as valid for now.  However, the circular which is […]

south african books English Language Schools

Good news for International English Language learners

EduSA recently settled a lawsuit, which will allow foreign nationals to gain study visas to study English as a foreign language at their member institutions in South Africa. Background As of May 2014, English Language Training (ELT) have struggled with not being formally recognised as learning institutions in South Africa and therefore international students have […]

New Zealand to require visas to visit SA

New Zealanders will now require visas to Visit SA

In response to New Zealand withdrawing visa free travel for South Africans, South African Minister of Home Affairs announces a withdrawal of visa free travel for New Zealand Passport holders. New Zealand Withdraws In 1996, visa-free travel was implemented for all South African passport holders wishing to visit New Zealand for up to three months. […]