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Good news for International English Language learners

EduSA recently settled a lawsuit, which will allow foreign nationals to gain study visas to study English as a foreign language at their member institutions in South Africa. Background As of May 2014, English Language Training (ELT) have struggled with not being formally recognised as learning institutions in South Africa and therefore international students have […]

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You know you’re a foreign student in South Africa when…

Be it the picturesque campuses, diverse cultural variety, or the world-renowned academic acclaim, it’s no secret that many South African Universities attract a flood of international students the world over. While each University offers its own set of unique experiences, there are 20 ‘South African-isms’ that every foreign student can appreciate while hitting the books in Mzansi.

DHA compromise on South African advertising immigration policy

Compromise for Advertising Sector

A recent agreement between the Commercial Producers Association of South Africa and the Department of Home Affairs promises to allay some of the concerns faced by SA’s advertising sector. Amendments to national immigration policy last year had stakeholders of the television and film industry apprehensive over losses in international revenue on account of onerous visa […]