Crew Visa South Africa

What is a crew visa for South Africa

A crew visa in South Africa may be issued to a member of a conveyance. This type of visa is primarily used for maritime visitors who dock at South African ports for a short stay period.

This includes cruise ship passengers, fishing and export trading and recreational sailing passengers who wish to enter the country.

Applications can be made at any port of entry to South Africa.

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Who is a crew visa for?

A crew visa is issued to a foreigner who is a member of the crew of a ship. A crew visa may be issued for a maximum of three months at a time with the option to renew.

How do I qualify for a South African crew visa?

To qualify for a crew visa you need to supply the following with your application

  • Proof of request from the owner, which shall include an undertaking of responsibility
  • Proof of settlement of any outstanding fine incurred by the conveyor

A foreign member of a private or chartered conveyance which is temporarily at a port of entry must submit the following:

  • Proof of sufficient financial means
  • Cash deposit in respect of repatriation
  • Proof of settlement of any outstanding fine incurred by the conveyor

For what duration is a crew visa South Africa valid?

A crew visa is meant for a temporary stay only an applicant may only be issued for three months at a time. Applications for this type of visa normally have a six week waiting period.

Once a person arrives at a South African port of entry, the visa is then regarded as a visitor’s permit. Most visas or visitor’s permits are issued for a maximum period of 90 days.

If your visit exceeds 90 days, you will need to apply for temporary residence permit instead of a visitor’s visa.

Remember that the requirements for a temporary residence permit are not the same as a visitor’s visa.

If the need arises to have your visa extended, you will need to contact any office of the Department of Home Affairs and apply for the extension of the visitor’s permit

You will need to complete the temporary residency and pay additional fees as prescribed.

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