Privacy Policy


1.1. The owners of the Website respects users' privacy and will never sell, share, or rent information which enables others to personally identify any of its users.

1.2. The Website will not sell, share or rent information which has not been aggregated or manipulated to the extent that it is not possible to personally identify or contact any of its users.

1.3. The user agrees that the Website may electronically collect, store and/or use the following information about the User: and surname, birth date ("Personal Details");

1.3.2.e-mail address, physical address and contact telephone number ("Contact Details");

1.3.3.internet usage information, including your Internet Protocol address ("IP Address"), information about the user's activity on the Website, users' browsing habits, click patterns, unique user ID, version of software used to browse, system type, screen resolutions, colour capabilities, plug-ins, language settings, cookie preferences, search engine keywords, JavaScript enablement, the content and pages accessed on the Website, the dates and times when the user visits the Website, the paths taken, the time spent on Websites and pages within the Website and Platform ("Usage Details"); and

1.3.4.additional information provided by the user on a voluntary basis, such as demographic information, information related to the user's favourite social networking Website (eg. the Website name, address and description) and all other information which the user manually and voluntarily provides to the Website ("Optional Details").

1.4. The Website may, in its sole discretion, request additional information from the user.

1.5. The Website collects information from users in the following manner:

1.5.1.Information provided by the user: at the time of registration (if applicable) and in the ordinary course of using the Website, the user may provide information directly to the Website, including: Personal Details; Contact Details; Optional Details, which the user may from time to time have the option to provide.

1.5.2."Cookies" Information: Upon accessing the Website, one or more cookies (small text files containing a string of alphanumeric characters) may be sent to the device used by the user to access the Website in order to collect usage details. The Website and its partners may use both session cookies (which disappear after the web browser program is closed) and persistent cookies (which remain after the web browser program is closed, but which can be removed manually) and may be used by the web browser program on subsequent visits to the Website.

1.5.3.Other tracking technology: When the user accesses the Website or opens an HTML email sent to the user by the owner of the Website, certain usage details may be collected and recorded by the Website from the User's system through various types of tracking technology.

1.6. The Website uses the information provided by users to operate, maintain, enhance and provide the features and functionality of the website and to allow the Website to track user-generated content to the extent necessary to comply with all applicable laws. The Website uses the information collected to understand the usage trends and preferences of its users, to improve the way the Website works and looks and to create new features and functionality. More specifically:

1.6.1.Personal Details may be used to personalise the user's experience of the Website and to greet a user when accessing the user's website account; to manage and administer the user's use of the services offered by the Website or by the Website's owners and to fulfil the Website's obligations towards its users.

1.7. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Website may use the Personal Details and Contact Details as follows: contact the user if so requested, inform the user of facts relating to the services offered by the Website's owners (for example, notifications regarding major updates to the Website, changes in legislation which, based on the Website owner's previous interaction with the user, the Website owner reasonably believes may be of interest to the User, customer service notifications, changes to the Website's Terms and Conditions of use or this Privacy Policy and to address copyright infringement, defamation issues or other infringements on the rights of the Website owner; inform the user of promotions and/or special offers, but only in the event and to the extent that the user has not opted out of receiving such communications (which the user is entitled to do at any time); be able to communicate with the user; and

1.8. The User acknowledges and agrees that the Website may use the Usage Details as follows:

1.8.1.To remember the user's information so that he or she will not have to re-enter it every time the user visits the Website;

1.8.2.To monitor Website usage; and

1.8.3.To track the user's interaction with the Website and the promotions or other activities available on it.

1.9. The user agrees and acknowledges that the Website may use any information about any user so as to protect its rights and the rights of other users and related third parties, to enforce the Terms and Conditions of use and this Privacy Policy and to comply with all applicable laws.

1.10. The User specifically agrees that the Website shall not be liable for any loss, damage, expense, or other amounts incurred, savings foregone or hardship suffered, by any person however arising (including where the cause cannot be determined), now or in future, through the release of the user's Personal Details, Contact Details, IP Address, Usage Details, Optional Details in the event of it exercising its rights under this clause and/or more specifically clause 1.9 above.

1.11. Should the Website sell, transfer or close its business, merge or consolidate with another business, undergo a change in control, reorganisation or liquidation or transfer the majority of its assets, then the Website shall be entitled to transfer, cede, sell or assign any or all information collected via the Website (including Contact Details) to one or more relevant third parties, to be used by them in accordance with the provisions of the Website's Terms and Conditions of use and this Privacy Policy.

To the extent necessary, the provisions of this clause will endure beyond the termination of the Terms and Conditions of use.