Relative Visa South Africa

The relative visa South Africa

The South African relative visa is available to the biological or adoptive children or biological or step-parents of South African citizens or permanent residents.

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How would I qualify for a relative visa in South Africa?

You must prove that they are related to a South African citizen or permanent resident. The foreign national relative, must either be the adoptive or biological parent of the South African child, sibling or the adopted or biological child of a South African parent. The South African citizen or permanent resident would need to provide financial assurance for the foreign national relative.

For what duration is the South African relative visa valid?

A relative visa can be issued for up to a maximum of 2 years at a time.

Can I work, study or conduct business on a relative visa?

One is unable to work, study or conduct business on a relative visa – however a change of status is allowed. Contact us for more information on how to go about changing your status.

Permanent Residency Option

Apply for a realtive permit if you’re looking to bring relatives to South Africa on a permanent basis

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