South African Visa and Permit FAQs

As one of South Africa’s leading immigration law firms, we are constantly asked a variety of questions regarding visas and permits from foreigners wanting to relocate to South Africa. Immigration law can become a complex procedure for many, especially if it’s you’re first time to applying for entry into South Africa.

To get you started on your immigration journey we’ve decided to put together the most popular questions we get asked along with the answers

Whether you’re moving to South Africa temporarily or on a permanent basis we’ve got the answers for you.


Frequenty Asked Immigation Questions

  1. What is a South African visa?
    In accordance with the Amended South African Immigration Act 13 of 2002, all temporary residence documents have been titled “visas”. A South African visa is a legally binding document that grants a foreigner temporary residence within the country based on a number of reasons.There are a variety of visas an individual can apply for in order to secure temporary residence in South Africa. To find out more about South African visas. click here
  1. What is a South African permit?
    Foreign nationals who have been lawfully residing in South Africa for a number of years may apply for a South African permit. This will allow the foreigner passport holder the option of remaining in the country indefinitely as well as acquiring South African citizenship with a successful application. To find out more about South African permits click here
  1. What is an immigration lawyer?
    A South African immigration lawyer offers professional litigation and commercial legal services for foreign nationals looking to secure temporary or permanent stay in the country.To find out more about South African visas click here
  1. What is the difference between a South African visa & a South African permit?
    The difference between visa and permit is that visa is a document acquired by an individual to enter a specific country for a specific period of time whereas a permit is a foreigner attaining citizenship for residence on a permanent basis.
  1. What is a police clearance?
    This official document is used to verify your current criminal status for immigration purposes or for working abroad.Click here to find out more
  1. Can you guarantee that my application will be successful?
    No. No lawyer can make this type of guarantee. We have a very high rate of success with our applications. During the application process, the govt agency may request further information before they can approve the case. Failure to provide more information can result in your application being rejected. The key is to provide the pertinent information in an organized and familiar manner for the appropriate authority, which is something that a good lawyer would do for you. That said, we believe that using our service will greatly streamline the application process for you. Click here to find out more
  1. What factors should I consider in selecting an effective immigration lawyer?
    The reality is that the immigration landscape and legal practice is constantly undergoing continuous change and refinement. Speaking to a practitioner who is exclusively practising in the immigration area is more likely to be aware of the many issues at hand. If the law firm you are considering hiring is only handled immigration law and nothing else, then you probably are on the right track. Click here to find out more

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