South Africa set to scrap strict children travelling rules

There years ago South Africa introduced strict rules to govern travelling with kids in an attempt to curb child trafficking. Unfortunately, these new regulations become a burden on many foreigners and since then numbers of families travelling to South Africa have stagnated.  The tedious and stressful process of remembering to have the attaining and having […]


Tips For Travelling To South Africa With Kids

Planning your next holiday especially one that involves travelling across international borders can require plenty of admin. While you may already aware of that fact when making travel arrangments for yourself, however, with kids, these details and planning includes a little-added complexity and needs its own checklist. If you’re planning to visit South Africa with […]


Fast Track An Unabridged Birth Certificate Application

The new immigration regulations concerning travelling with children in and out of South Africa has been a hotly contested topic and the regular changes in regulations have left many travellers frustrated and confused. Since its introduction back in 2015 the unabridged birth certificate has been a grey area for travellers in and out of South […]